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By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer

The Torch interviewed the leadership of the Animation Club to figure out just what they are about.

The organization’s president is Bryan Acosta, a sophomore animation major. Acosta described his goal for the club with an acronym: “F.L.A.G. – it stands for Fun, Learn, Animate, Grow. That’s what it’s all about for me. Also, it kind of goes with the whole pirate thing with the Corsairs.”

During the club’s meeting, which occurs regularly on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in CVPA 156, these characteristics were evident. The club’s officers could be seen helping attendees with different skill levels to create animations together.

According to Acosta, “The club used to be about appreciating animation. We took a vote on whether to make it about actually teaching animation. So, this year is our first time doing more of a workshop.”

The beginning of the meeting started with a video presented by the club’s Vice President, Tristan, about some principles of animation.

Acosta said that this was not a regular event, but that there is still normally supposed to be 15-20 minutes of lessons which are then applied during the workshop part.

“Our team each has their own niche, one does 3D, one 2D, one code, and one stop motion,” said Acosta.

The other club officers were engaged in coordinating the group into two teams. The teams, one working in 2D and one working in 3D, were making an animation in which each participant made their own five or ten second part.

There was an object, in this case a ball, which was to be passed between sections. The sections would then all be spliced together into what Acosta called a collaboration.

The Animation Club apparently has a few special events planned. “Once a semester we like to go to the movies. We have Throwback Thursdays too,” Acosta said.

He also said that they have a bigger event in the works.

“We are working on bringing back the film festival. We’re working with a bunch of other clubs and have some speakers planned. Right now, we have two alumni confirmed as speakers. There’s so many clubs around here, it’s good to get together. The goal is really to appreciate the alumni and support other organizations on campus.”

The event is intended to feature two pieces from the Animation Club along with contributions from other organizations. “There are going to be some meetings and presentations recorded by other clubs that will be shown at the festival.”

Acosta says that he is considering having food there too, but has not planned that yet.

His main obstacle is funding, as he has yet to present his idea to SAIL.

If you are looking for someone to appreciate animation with or someone to learn animation with, this is the right place to look – a friendly, accepting group of students with a lot planned for the future.

You can find the Animation Club on Facebook and Instagram!

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