A tale of UMassD past

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer This is the last issue this paper for the academic year. The class of 2018 is graduating in just over two weeks. Let’s take this this opportunity to look back on campus events from the last four years.  For example, do you remember when the campus seemed like it was covered in fences? They’d go away and come back a little while later, these fences that were blocking … Continue reading A tale of UMassD past

Vevo’s YouTube hacked

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer Vevo’s YouTube accounts consist of some of the most watched on YouTube. These accounts legally host music videos from artists like Taylor Swift, Adele, Rihanna, and others. Vevo itself is a joint venture between Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.  On April 10, hackers calling themselves Prosox and Kuroi’sh gained access to some of these accounts and altered some videos. They changed titles, descriptions, and thumbnails in addition to deleting some videos. Affected videos included those belonging … Continue reading Vevo’s YouTube hacked

Mount Ida falls into the UMass system’s hands

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer Mount Ida College agreed on April 6 to be bought by UMass Amherst for $37 million in a deal that came as a surprise to many.  Mount Ida, on the verge of financial collapse, had sought to merge with Lasell College in an effort to avoid having to close. That deal fell through, so two weeks later Mount Ida sold itself to UMass Amherst.  The 119-year-old private college will close after this spring’s commencement.  The … Continue reading Mount Ida falls into the UMass system’s hands


By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer The semester is now drawing to a close. In a mere few weeks, the class of 2018 will be walking at graduation.  There is a lot to miss about UMass Dartmouth, like goofing around with friends in the campus center or the library, hanging out at your professors’ office hours, or strolling the campus when it is peacefully quiet on the weekend.  There is way more to … Continue reading Senioritis

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Revisited

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out on December 15, 2017 and debuted as one of the highest grossing films in the last decade. Four months later, the movie came out on DVD on March 27th. How does it hold up after some time and a second viewing?  For anyone who has not yet watched the movie, beware of spoilers below.  The Last Jedi … Continue reading Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Revisited

Disarm the police

By Benjamin Solomon, Staff Writer The United States can be a dangerous place. In 2016, around 11,000 people died in gun homicides, according to the Associated Press (this does not include suicides). Over 1,000 of those firearm deaths came from the police, according to the Guardian. In 2016, law enforcement was responsible for 9% of all non-suicide gun deaths in the country. In the same … Continue reading Disarm the police

Campus damaged by meatcreature

This is a source of parody, satire, and humor and is for entertainment purposes only, published for the week of April Fools. Said posts or stories may or may not use real names, always in semi-real and/or mostly, or substantially, fictitious ways. As the purpose of said stories is to entertain and amuse and not to disparage any persons, or institutions, in any way and no malice … Continue reading Campus damaged by meatcreature