Get sent back in time with the UMass Dartmouth History Club

By Zack Downing, Staff Writer

Not every club on campus comes with a big budget, or membership guidelines. Some clubs stay close knit and personal, valuing community over all else.

The History Club at UMass Dartmouth is an example of a group of students who are dedicated to their passion, but aren’t afraid to enjoy themselves.

On Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., the gang of thirteen history club members gathers in LARTS 333, the room with the giant world map in the back of the history hallway.

There, an endless amount of things might happen, from discussions about history to passionate debates, often accompanied by games and food.

“We are a bunch of people who really, really like history,” said the president of the club, Abigail Field, “and the thing about being a history major, is that it’s not what you’d call a very social discipline.

So we’re a club with a bunch of people who have similar interests, and have a like mind about history.”

The members of the history club come from many different areas and interests. Abigail collects antique clothing as a hobby, some members are into the World Wars, and not everyone is even a history major.

The club’s treasurer, Aaron Degaetano, is an accounting major, but he joined because of his interest.

Anyone can join the club, whether history major or not. If you have an affinity for learning about the past or debating about the present, this club is for you.

“You don’t even have to be particularly good at history,” Abigail said, “you can just like it. We’re dedicated to historical discourse, and debate, as well as enjoying history. We play historical charades, we watch movies, we go on fun field trips.”

The club is currently planning a field trip for the very end of the first semester, and while they aren’t set on a location yet, they’re considering the Whydah Pirate Museum on Cape Cod. In the past, they’ve visited places like Plymouth Rock and Battleship Cove.

“I joined because I didn’t have a ton of friends, and I wanted to meet like minded people who I had something in common with,” said member Aaron Rawley.

Another member, Evan Cruzen, said, “I’m actually not a history major, but I came here because I do have a pretty good interest in history, and I thought I could make some friends, which I definitely have.”

“Aaron Degaetano was the one who wanted me to join,” Justin Rizzo commented, “so I decided, ‘All right, I’ll go’ and I’m glad I did, because it’s full of people like me.”

“This club is also a good way to not have to make organically grown friends,” Abigail added, humorously, “when you come to this club, not only do you know you share a common interest with these people, you know they’re just about as weird.”

To sum up the best part about the history club, Abigail said, “It’s a good place for people who enjoy history but don’t get to outside of class, to have a place outside of class where they can continue to enjoy it.”

So, if you’re interested in joining the history club, all you have to do is visit LARTS 333 on the third floor, at the end of the history hallway.

It’s every Tuesday at 6:30, so come on up the stairs and say hello to the members of the club.

You don’t need to bring anything except a passion for talking about history. It’s optional to bring cookies; the history club likes their cookies.


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