The Evolution of Steve Harrington: Spoilers Ahead

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer

At this point it is very safe to say that Netflix’s Stranger Things is a hit as season two left fans screaming for more, not a minute after finishing a binge watch of the show.

Season two had a ton of upside and a lot of surprises, however the biggest surprise came with the evolution of character Steve Harrington played by Massachusetts’ own Joe Keery.

In season one the character of Steve left a lot to be desired as he was quit unlikable. Yes, he was a gorgeous heart-throb and of  course he knew exactly what to say to win over Nancy, the older sister of character Mike.

But he was so full of himself and he even went as far as to slut shame Nancy by letting his friends spray paint “Nancy is a slut” on the local movie theater.

Despite the fact that he played heroic boyfriend at the end of the season  he just left you with a bad taste in your mouth.

However, this season it just seemed like he did everything right and he got dumped on. Nancy outright blames him for the death of her friend Barb, which is absurd given that no one knew there was a monster on the loose.

Not to mention, even if they were outside with Barb they would have died, too. On top of that Nancy just treats the guy like garbage no matter what he does for her.

Later in the season Nancy flat out cheats on him. What’s worse is that while Steve is saving and defending the kids of Stranger Things as well as attempting to defeat the dark forces of the upside down; Nancy is on some investigative journalism escapade with the boy she eventually cheats on Steve with.

Throughout this entire season Steve was literally the only reason why the kids didn’t end up dead, he almost died a few times protecting the gang and Nancy didn’t care. I understand that he did some harsh things in season one. But are we forgetting that the guy she cheats on him with took creepy half naked photos of her  from the woods. Nancy is 16 in the show and I’m pretty sure that he broke some law.

Steve also forms the cutest bond ever with Dustin and teaches him how to do his hair and becomes like a big brother to him by the end of the season. But again Nancy broke it off with him for practically no reason at all.

All this being said I have a theory; the Duffer brothers, the show’s creators, love to foreshadow. At the very end of the season Steve dropped off Dustin at the dance and Dustin happened to be rocking Steve’s hair as Steve showed him how to style it.

As Steve drops off Dustin he sees Nancy inside the gym and looks at her from afar, sighing because he evidently loves her. Inside the dance Dustin asks a girl to dance and is sadly shut down. As all his friends are slow dancing Dustin is left without a partner. Nancy notices and dances with him telling him that he looks cute as well as that he is her favorite of her little brother’s friends and not to worry because girls that age make dumb decisions on boys.

The two laugh and it is obvious that Dustin is flattered by Nancy’s gesture, given that Dustin and Steve establish a close bond  throughout the season and Dustin looks like a spitting image of Steve in that scene. I think it was showing that in season three they will end up together. To add to that she mentioned how sometimes girls overlook a guy they shouldn’t to Dustin.

I am team Steve all the way and after his characters’ transformation and the end of the season I think Nancy will eventually agree with me and end up with Steve.

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