Soul Sightings

By Rev. Dr. Neil C. Damagaard, President Champlain The Center of Religious and Spiritual Life

Belief and unbelief are human traits which transcend every faith system and creed.       Even atheists exercise a measure of “faith” in their suspicion or conviction that we are ultimately spiritually alone and that there is no deity (or deities) in existence.  Atheism can claim no universal objectivity or freedom from encumbrances as, in my opinion, their creedal expostulations are full of subjectivity, conditioning and emotion as often are those of religious people. 

In fact, atheism can almost be considered—with many expressions—its own “religion”. 

Your Center for Religious and Spiritual Life exists to be there for you, the UMass Dartmouth community,  as you explore matters of belief.

“Unbelief” is also fair game for discussion and work-through. All of our chaplains and workers possess a faith in their chosen realms of theology.    

But we are fair-minded and available to be a resource to anyone of an openly transparent mind, at any time.  Contact Rabbi Satlow, Deacon Frank, Father David, Swami Yogatmananda, the MSA, Matt Litchfield or myself and any of us would be happy to sit down, get to know you and go with you on the “pilgrimage” of searching out“belief”.


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