50 Shades is trash and that’s why I love it

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer

Contrary to popular belief, the 50 Shades of Grey movies are actually fantastic films. Many people point to the bad acting as well as poor writing and just general terrible film quality as being evident in the first two films.

However, I argue that it is these things that make the films fantastic. I truly believe that everyone involved is trying to make the movie awful to the point were they are actually hilarious. Given how popular the books are when the first film debuted in 2015, many had high hopes.

However, the hopes were shot down as they films were commercial successes and critical flops. Even worse, many accused the film of being nothing more than an overpriced soft-core porn due to the large amounts of sex depicted in the film.

No one really sets out to make a bad film. However, for anyone who has read these books, they know damn well these books are horribly written.

Unless a person was to gut almost the whole book and even main chunks of the plot; no film or TV adaption of the book would be worth watching.

That being said, the film studio knew that no matter what they did the film was going to make money. Therefore, I believe they had to have been aware of how bad it was going to be and just attempted to run with it.

The films are the ultimate guilty pleasure movie; they have a lot of awkward sex scenes and ridiculously bad acting.

But, it all works, it makes you laugh and somehow it keeps the viewer entertained. Honestly, when I am watching either of the first two 50 Shades movies I cannot look away. I get legitimately invested in the films and I somehow enjoy them.

It is the classic movie that is so bad it is good. No one watches a Child’s Play movie or some terrible 50’s Sci-Fi movie because it has Oscar winning acting or a stellar plot, they watch it because it is a straight up cheese-fest and it is hillarious.

50 Shades may not be horror or Sci-Fi movies, however they are certainly filled with the same terrible acting as well as garbage writing. Both the first two movies have been commercially successful, which obviously means people want to see them, if they are so bad and unwatchable why?

To add to that, how could anyone make such a terrible film with such a huge budget and the hype that the 50 Shades movies have had?

This happens to plenty of movies, however they aren’t this bad and the ones that are usually have a ton of off-screen issues.

50 Shades films have never had offscreen issues and they are far worse than any big-budget film should ever be, the only answer could be that they are trying to be that bad.

They know that people are going to watch and just straight up laugh. Plus, sex sells and there is plenty of that in 50 Shades.

They are not gunning for awards, they are not trying to be the next American film classic; they are just trying to be a goofy guilty pleasure movie that can be watched anytime. It isn’t a film you have to devote patience too, it is nothing more than a crap-fest and it knows it.

This is why it is fantastic though, you cannot go into the film with the attitude it is going to be good or even any expectation. If one just goes in with the attitude to laugh and watch a trash movie, you’ll find pure magic with the 50 Shades films.


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