Justin Timberlake puts on all-time Super Bowl performance

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By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer

Since the New England Patriots lost Super Bowl LII, the only thing that actually matters about the game is the half time performance. May I say… it was the greatest ever. Leave it to Justin Timberlake (JT) to put on a helluva show, without any grand props.

That’s what makes JT so great. He didn’t need to jump from the top of the stadium, he didn’t need an awkward shark, and he sure as hell didn’t need to show anyone else’s nipples this time.

He just went out there on the grandest stage of them all and did what he does best, perform. Since he is hands down the greatest performer of all time, it was easy for him!

He didn’t even need to bring back his unimportant, irrelevant NSYNC buddies either. Bye, bye, bye.

Now the haters and doubters, of which there are many, will probably disagree with me but they’re just plain wrong.

Plus, who knew Justin Timberlake had that many haters? I swear, all day and even all week leading up to the Super Bowl, my Twitter timeline was filled with JT slander and I just would not allow it.

How can you even hate this man? I grew up as a kid listening to his greatest hits album and that was years and years ago.

Now I’m in college and his still churning out the hits, it’s insane.

It’s a nice coincidence that the Patriots were in this year’s Super Bowl, because JT makes creating hits look as easy as Tom Brady does with making the Super Bowl.

Even aside from music, what can’t JT do? He’s starred in hit movies like The Social Network and is arguably Saturday Night Live’s greatest special celebrity guest host of all time.

Now I know people are going to be up and arms and say it wasn’t that good but where and more important – who, can you get all those hit songs from in one performance.

People think the songs were too rushed, and I for one kind of agree. I would’ve preferred he sung “Señorita” in its entirety but hey when you’re Justin freaking Timberlake and you have a thousand hit songs its kind of hard to preform them all fully.

Oh and if it was so bad then why did Timberlake’s streaming numbers go up 45% the next day??

On February fifth there were 7.05 MILLION streams of JT’s songs from the performance.

That my friends, is what you call “doing numbers on the charts.”

I also haven’t even mentioned his new album, Man of the Woods, either. JT did play a few songs from the album.

He began his performance with the album’s first single “Filthy” and I have to say, the song has grown on me. I know for a fact it’ll grow on you too.

You know how I know? Because it’s Justin Timberlake. (also screw selfie kid there’s no way he wasn’t put there by like Ellen or Apple or something.

Kid couldn’t even take his head out of his phone and appreciate greatness right before his eyes)

Photo Courtesy: Chrisopher Polk-Getty Images


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