This week in SGA: Infrastructure powerhouse

This week at SGA Katie Lovett
By Sebastian Moronta, SGA Correspondent

During the spring break recess, most students went home to relax on their couches, or take trips with friends and family. UMass senior and political science major Katie Lovett didn’t go home, instead keeping her nose to the grindstone working 14-16 hour days at two jobs while still managing to squeeze in an interview with The Torch.

Her vigor is what drives her success as chair of the student government association’s infrastructure committee and allows her to make a positive impact in the UMass Dartmouth community.

Like many in the SGA, Lovett joined to use it as an opportunity to try something new, having just changed to a political science major her sophomore year. Now a senior, she has served as senator for the class of 2018, for the college of arts & sciences, and has led the Campus Services and Infrastructure committees, both primarily concerned with improving conditions on campus and providing resources for students.

On the work that she does, Lovett says “It’s a little difficult, change is slow, but I love the challenge!”

A lot of the work that infrastructure does is thankless, and in the dark. Everything from fixing leaky ceilings and broken railings to redesigning the campus’ parking system falls under the infrastructure banner, as well as any student issues brought to her during SGA meetings or as she’s going about her days on campus. Lovett is proud of a lot of the work she’s been able to accomplish, namely the recently implemented express line at Birch, much to the delight of many-a hungry student.

Even more than what she’s done so far, Lovett is excited about the projects that are still in the works. She’s working with members of the Sustainability office to bring a bike sharing program to campus, something many similar schools in the area have implemented to great success. Since last semester, she’s been a crucial part of a project to bring a disc golf course to campus, finally coming to fruition this spring.

This summer, buildings will be adorned with some new banners with more updates coming in the future, per Lovett. She has plans to discuss Laundry services with administration to try to understand areas for improvement and ensure a positive experience for students, as well as continue hammering away at the smaller infrastructural issues that crop up ever so often.

Much of the work she does to fix the little things around campus comes from suggestions by students, made either during the weekly SGA meetings on Mondays at 6, or at infrastructure committee meetings on Mondays at 2.

If you have something that needs to get addressed, get in touch with her at either of these meetings or send her a message at

Photo courtesy: Katie Lovett


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