Wasting away again in Margaritaville

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer

When you think of a tropical fine dining restaurant, what’s the first place you think of? Margaritaville, of course. Jimmy Buffet’s famous restaurant chain has become the go to destination for some great food and good times when traveling near and around Florida.

Keep Margaritaville on your mind while traveling again for spring break, or even for the summer. Margaritaville Destin in particular is one you’re going to have to visit. Located on the Destin Harbor Walk in Florida, the Margaritaville has a beautiful view off the pier that Erica F., a reviewer of TripAdvisor said “was the best by far” of all restaurants in the location.

Speaking of TripAdvisor reviews, let’s quickly run through some of the top review headlines that come up when on the Margaritaville Destin page. C.w.R says “Ate Lunch” awesome C.w.R! Where else can you eat lunch at a restaurant? Do you know? I sure don’t! Thanks C.w.R!

824angelinec gave everyone some life advice when she rated Margaritaville Destin five-stars and left the headline of, “Never ask for your fries nto be the color of ur skins .” Well, this one is a roller coaster of a story folks. Here’s the beginning of the review, “Well I order a cheeseburger n fries I ask for my fries to be the color of my skin which is brown. So my waiter said oh you want them burnt. So I said are you calling me black. She said no madam.”

Ouch, rough start here. You’re probably wondering how in the world this was a five-star review. Don’t worry though, because the waiters and waitresses of Margaritiville are the world’s best! The waitress handled the situation perfectly and eventually gave the customer the correct shade of fries to the customer. 824angelic rated the restaurant five-stars and said she hopes to have her waitress again when she DEFINTLEY returns. All smiles here!

MostlyTexan from guess where? Texas wrote, “I know it’s a tourist trap – but sheesh…” but sheesh what MostlyTexan? Sheesh this place takes fine dining to the next level? Sheesh Margaritaville is the best money I’ve ever spent? Sheesh I can’t imagine being anywhere else in the entire world during happy hour? I’m sure all of those would fit!

Lastly, we have CaSLauVer who left a one-star review and wrote the headline, “Save your money.” That’s right! With Margaritaville’s insanely cheap prices, you can save tons of money! The trademark Margartias will only cost you around $9 dollars, a double cheeseburger only $16.99, and their signature chicken fajitas cost a low $18.99! What a deal! Never again spend loads of dollars at tourist traps that’ll make you say “sheesh,” when you can just eat and drink all you want at Margartiaville!

Now that you’ve heard all of the phenominal reviews, make your way down to Destin, sit your bum right at the bar, have a few Margaritas to go along with your cheeseburger, and get wasted away again in Margaritaville!

Photo Courtesy: Skyscanner


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