#CorsairChallenge raises over $130,000 for UMass Dartmouth

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By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Raising Money and having fun is what the #CorsairChallenge did last week on Tuesday April 3 through Wednesday April 4, 2018 to support the colleges most beloved places and areas at the University.  

Gifts came in all different amounts and could be donated to majors, buildings, sports, you name it. The best part of all is that every gift that was gifted matched up to $50 each, totaling $25,000 overall.  

The challenge used the hashtag #CorsairChallenge where students could tag pictures, videos, or a boomerang of their favorite area at UMass Dartmouth. For an added little bonus there was a contest where an additional $500 could be received for their area of interest. By using the hashtag all students had to do was submit their choice along with a video, picture or boomerang and explain why the funds should be going to their area of choice.  

 For students to celebrate with them, there were two booths set up on sight one in the Campus Center and another in the library where they could make their gift, get some pretty cool UMass gear like sunglasses, cups, temporary tattoos and enjoy a cookie or two all the while supporting a great cause from 10 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. 

 Assistant Vice Chancellor for Annual Giving Lindsay Roth believes the event to have been nothing but success for the first time. “I was thrilled with the overall results of the #CorsairChallenge. I knew that the UMass Dartmouth community was perfect for an event of this nature but I had no idea how successful it would be,” she said proudly. “The final numbers were far beyond my own predictions.” 

The most memorable part for most was the way the campus community came together. “My favorite part was watching it evolve on social media. More and more personal content was showing up that reflected everything I see on campus each day. Students were sharing stories of how UMassD has changed their lives for the better,” said Roth. “Alumni were reminiscing with old photos. That common thread is exactly why I love my job.” 

It was not just about the money but the feeling of what can happen when uniting as one. “The #CorsairChallenge wasn’t just about fundraising. It was about the impact of the group and what the Corsair community can accomplish together. The numbers highlight that clearly, raising over $130,000 from more than 1,500 people in under two days is simply amazing, and shows that the Corsair community is strong, vibrant and supportive of current and future students,” said Roth. All dollars will be paid out as a current use operational budget relief, also known as annual giving. 

 Athletics stole the spotlight at this year’s challenge. “[The] most rewarding part was seeing the athletics community celebrate student athletes in such a big way. They accounted for seventy-five percent of the gifts that came in to the #CorsairChallenge and really rallied,” observed Roth. “That’s the kind of energy that is contagious, and what will really help connect our community as campus transforms under Dr. Johnson’s leadership.” 

 Roth is looking forward to see how the #CorsairChallenge grows in years to come. “[I am] proud to be part of the Corsair community and am so excited to see how this event evolves on an annual basis.” 

Photo Courtesy: Michaella Lesieur


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