Letters to the Editor

By Jasmine Kelly, Contributing Writer

Dear Editor,

I am writing with regard to the GreenFee. By having this fee, we can fund more sustainable projects, such as a solar powered picnic tables or more green rooftops.

Green Fee impacts the whole university as 100 percent of the funds go back to the students to help improve the university reach our desired goal of 100 percent renewable by 2050.

We allow students to have hands on experience, as well as having a say in how we can all better our community in an effort to be more sustainable.

It’s up to us as a community to better the environment and we can start with the projects that this committee can fund.   

As a nursing student it is easy to see that sustainability touches everyone’s lives by making them live in a better environment.


Jasmine Kelly


By Bailey Sweet, Contributing Writer

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my opinion in reinstating the GreenFee. As Chair of the committee, I have seen first hand the impact this fund has had over the university. As a group, we have funded over 23 sustainable projects at UMass. Students may also be familiar with our water bottle filling stations located campus wide. I personally use the filling stations everyday, as many other students do. Currently we are working on creating a bike share system allowing students to have access to bikes on campus. With this fund, we could create more sustainable projects to better our community. These would include a solar powered picnic table or aiding in sponsoring a student’s research project. As you can see, this fee has a lot to offer, and with students’ support, we can help educate and create more sustainable projects on campus.


Bailey Sweet


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