Students denied at Cousin Stizz Concert

By Kevin Perrington-Tuner, Contributing Writer

Over the long weekend, many students intended on catching up with some school work and turning up to some great music. Unfortunately, for a lot of students that was not the case. On Sunday night at 8:30pm in the Tripp Athletic Center, the doors for the Cousin Stizz concert were closed allowing no other student or any person with a purchased ticket entry. Security, along with police officers were outside to guard off students telling them there were no way to get in to the concert. I myself was someone who was outside trying to get in. I decided to get in contact with an anonymous source who helped set up the event. In response, I received claims that there was fine print on the purchased ticket confirming that doors would be closed at 8:30pm. In addition, there would be no refunds given. 

After giving up trying to enter, I walked back to my dorm to read closely on my online ticket. After closely looking at my receipt, along with the flyer that was promoted all through campus. Instead I attempted to use my registration code that I received within my receipt that was in my email. For some reason my code was invalid as it said: “No record found matching the entered email address and registration code. If you have forgotten your registration code use the link below”.  

It is an unfortunate time for students who are just in attendance for Cousin Stizz. It’s also an underwhelming and disappointing execution from the Corsair Concerts team to not be able to make it clear to students all of the details. After contacting artists who were backstage, I received a text stating, “it ain’t even packed though, idk why they ain’t letting you in”. 

For the rest of the students who were able to get in, I was able to ask them on their experience and overall view of the concert. Senior Dasia Coren shares her experience of the concert, “it wasn’t bad, it was just empty”. Which is a good summary of what most said about the show. UMass Dartmouth consists of a Boston population that are fans of Cousin Stizz and DJ Pup Dawg. The general consensus was Cousin Stizz’s performance was impressive, but the lack of attendance was noticeable in result of turning students around. I personally knew a few people who came all the way from Boston to see the rapper perform. They also were turned away with no choice but to drive back home. 

The Boston native has been on a run as he dropped a mixtape called “One Night Only” last July. Adding to his discography being his third installment. Coming off a tour with him as the headliner alongside with another Dorchester’s own Big Leano. Hitting the scene in 2013 with his breakout single “Shoutout” Cousin Stizz has followed up with good mix tapes to have a song featured on 2k18 to go along. Before his performance was a veteran Dj Pup Dawg who has been a staple in Boston’s Hip Hop. Tune in to Jam’n 94.5 FM to hear the Dj play hip hop hits and more gems on the radio.  

Overall, it was a great attempt for the Corsair Concert team but an unfortunate finish to a long weekend. As a senior, it’s disappointing to come to this conclusion as a spring concert. Many students seemed to be excited to witness Cousin Stizz perform all week. It’s unfortunate that many students weren’t able to see the performance. Even though they were denied at the door and possibly not able to receive a refund.

Photo Courtesy: Corsair Concerts


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