Did the Big Bang Theory really deserve 12 seasons?

By Benjamin Pfeffer, Staff Writer
Leaving many fans to mourn, and many critics to rejoice, the announcement has been made by Producers Warner Bros. Television that the unique sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, will be calling it quits after season 12. Jim Parsons, who plays main character Sheldon Cooper, is the one behind the show’s end. Even though he was making a million dollars every episode, Parsons claims that he is done with that part of his life and would like to move on to other things. The cast and crew respected his decision and decided that season 12, which had its premiere on September 27, will be the final season of The Big Bang Theory, for now. The show had one of the most popular runs in television history. I believe that it started out as an amazing show and slowly dropped in entertainment value over time. Even with that in mind, it has received multiple awards and broke a few records. The Big Bang Theory has been ranked as the number one TV comedy until last year when it was bumped to number two by the revival of the show Roseanne. It has also been on TV long enough to claim the record of the longest running multicamera comedy in history. The show and its cast and crew have won a variety of awards including Emmys, Golden Globes, People’s choice awards, and many more. The show has so much power and influence over the audience. That is why it is likely that Jim Parsons wants to get rid of the connection everybody has between him and the character Sheldon Cooper, a neurotic genius with severe OCD. Whenever I watch a movie with him in it, I cannot separate Jim Parsons from the character Sheldon. Even if it’s only his voice, I think ‘Sheldon!’ Parsons’ situation seems to be a lot like other famous actors. John Krasinski is trying to play as many other roles as possible so that he doesn’t only be known as ‘Jim’ from The Office, and Daniel Radcliffe is doing the same thing, so he can escape the ‘Harry Potter’ role. The actors get stuck in the perception the audience makes of their most famous character and do their best to escape it. The show has been on the air for far too long. By the time the 12th season of The Big Bang Theory is over, there will have been 279 episodes, the final episode airing in May of 2019. The show, whether you hate it or love it, is a renowned show and everybody should watch the momentous occasion that is the finale. I don’t feel like there has been enough character development for anybody besides Sheldon. At the end of the last season Sheldon married Amy, an unlikely event if you know the character Sheldon. He is a man that many would call crazy who is focused on science, specifically physics, more than anything else, including relationships. Season 12 has started off featuring two famous scientists, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, as well as famous magician Teller from “Penn and Teller.” In the episode Amy and Sheldon are on their honeymoon while the rest of them, along with Amy’s parents, are in their usual place. Raj gets in a twitter war with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Tyson also acts the same towards Bill Nye. The couples, Leonard and Penny and Amy’s parents, notice similarities between their relationships. Amy’s parents aren’t happy which could be trouble for the season finale. However, for a final season premiere, this episode was very underwhelming. Fans of the show should not be too upset that the show is ending. They should appreciate the show for all it has done and will continue to do through the new sitcom Young Sheldon. If that doesn’t cheer fans up, the entire cast says it would return to the show if Jim Parsons wanted to do more. It would be more enjoyable to watch if they waited and did a small reunion season. The show has changed over time, but for the most part the general concept, people and relationships have stayed the same. This is why myself, and everybody who has watched the show or even heard of it, should tune in for the final season’s finale to see what producer Chuck Lorre describes as an “epic creative close.”

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