Looking for something new to watch?

By Staff Writer Michaella Lesieur. Netflix is a international favorite that many people tune into to watch their favorite series and movies. Not only originals and oldies but new movies and Netflix originals. The options are endless, and more and more people are turning to Netflix and other streaming devices to watch their shows at leisure. When signing up for Netflix one will already see a huge library of options that reach every genre, age and theme. If you are looking for romance, comedy, feel good, children and family and etc. Netflix has a little bit of everything. Everyone has their own favorite binge-watching show. Prelaw major Allison Jacome loves something with a little bit more action. “Hands down Forensic Files,” she said. “As a person who loves biology, criminal justice, law, psychology and mysteries always solved it is the most amazing show.” Once flying through a favorite show someone might be looking for some new ideas. Recommendations include the legendary Gilmore Girls, for a heartwarming chick flick. The characters of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore portray the bond between a mother and daughter situated in their simple and quiet town of Stars Hollow. The Fosters and Parenthood are two shows that teach lessons. The Fosters is a series that combines family, adoption, conflict, foster care and love all in one. Callie and Jude are two children who have a unique story as their voices continue to grow throughout the seasons. Parenthood portrays the journey of life from sickness and health, to love and family. It is one that touches the heart and pulls on the heartstrings. When taking a peak at Netflix’s “popular list,” series such as Friends, The Office, Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Carrie Diaries pop up as a most watched. Netflix’s “trending section,” includes movies such as Set it Up a Netflix original. Professional writing graduate student Erin Kish has a few shows that are at the top of her list. “I love Great British Baking Show because it’s super entertaining and dramatic. I get hungry while I watch it though so that’s the only downfall,” said Kish. “But I love listening to the accents. seeing all the delicious food.” However, that is not the only show she loves. “The other show I just got into is The Haunting of Hill House. I like it a lot because it’s super suspenseful and scary but also really complex and fun to follow,” said Kish. Other movies and shows on Netflix include Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and Orange is the New Black. When looking for family friendly options favorites look over to Moana, Beauty and the Beast, Fuller House, Air Buddies, Peter Rabbit, Despicable Me 3, and more. UMass Dartmouth alumni Meghan Doyle enjoys Netflix for their movies. “’To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before,’ [is my favorite because] it’s a cute romantic movie that will make girls want a relationship like the one in the movie,” said Doyle. As we enter the colder months Netflix can be watched anywhere at any time. Whether you are at home wrapped up in all your blankets or on your lunch break you can also access it on your mobile device or laptop. This makes for an easy option for students to unwind and watch at their leisure. PHOTO COURTESY: IMDB

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