The Jamal Khashoggi Mystery

By Staff Writer Benjamin Pfeffer. Jamal Khashoggi is, or at least was, a columnist for the Washington Post. He was last seen on October 2 as he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to pick up documents for personal reasons. Khashoggi was picking up documents so that he could remarry in Turkey. The wedding was planned for Oct. 3rd. He was exiled, voluntarily, from Saudi Arabia which lead to his divorce and attempted remarry. In the past, Khashoggi had wrote against the Saudi government. The prince, Prince Mohammad, has shown little tolerance for critics in the past. Those who know how the consulate works claim that if something happened, it has to be approved by the prince. It is highly likely that Prince Mohammad is the one who is responsible for the disappearance. Trump initially was against the Saudi government but has recently supported them much like he’s supported Kavanaugh. Trump claims that people keep thinking that it is “guilty until proven innocent,” and if people thought this way then it would be wrong, which is technically true. However, in the Kavanaugh case, the findings may not have had much backing, but they did prove, although unsuccessful, that he is unfit to be on the Supreme Court. In this Saudi situation, there is evidence to prove the Saudi government guilty of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Turkey is claiming to have plenty of evidence against the Saudi government. A Turkish forensic team has gone into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. They report that there is substantial evidence that Khashoggi was murdered there. American intelligence officials have stated that they have “growing circumstantial evidence” that crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was involved in whatever happened to Khashoggi. Trump has claimed that he gets nothing from Saudi Arabia, “they buy nothing from me.” Three years ago, Trump can be heard bragging about how good his relationship is with Saudi Arabia since they buy many things from him. This is undoubtedly why Trump’s initial reaction to the situation was pro-Saudi Arabia. Recently, his view has shifted. This is either because of all of the backlash he has been getting for supporting the Saudis instead of the journalist or because he’s actually starting to listen to the facts. Trump should have responded against the Saudi government near the beginning and not waited two weeks to mention anything about it. Recently, he has stated that it “looks like” Jamal Khashoggi is dead. Another, more positive thing that he said in the brief interview was that during his meeting with United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, they discussed that there are ongoing investigations and that they are waiting for the results of “about three” investigations. Hopefully, after the results of the investigations come through it will be enough to convince the American government and the rest of the world to act. A few days prior to this small interview, Trump stated that he was not going to “walk away from Saudi Arabia” and ruin the long-standing alliance. He also stated, “I hope that the king and the crown prince didn’t know about it. That’s a big factor in my eyes.” This is important because it is becoming more and more likely, as time goes on, that the Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman was responsible for the attack. If this is the case, that means Trump will have to punish his friends, the Saudis. As usual, Trump has handled this situation in an inappropriate way. However, his administration is supposedly finding answers to this terrible situation, which is always a good thing. I hope that Saudi Arabia gets severely punished, but over that we all hope that Khashoggi gets the justice and respect he deserves. PHOTO COURTESY: CNN

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