Religious and Spiritual Life on campus

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn. This past week, The Torch staff met with The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life staff here on campus to discuss the religious groups offered at UMassD. The ministries held on campus are Catholic, Protestant and Hindu, both serving support for faculty and staff members, in addition to UMassD students. The Catholic Campus ministry holds mass for students on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays in rooms located throughout campus, as well as Holy days, and pasta nights where students can interact with each other within their religion. The Hindu ministry is free to contact if students or staff members have any questions or support in matters of faith. As does the Catholic ministry, the Protestant ministry interacts with the students involved within the organization offering bible study, discussion groups, group activities and services as an addition to spiritual support and guidance. The Muslim Student Association, Christian Fellowship, Jewish Student Organization and CRU are also offered on campus and meet throughout the week. To find out more information regarding these groups, visit the Center for religious and spiritual life located on the second floor in the campus center, room 202. Brochures are also available in room 202 providing helpful information as well as contacts and various emails. A student group is also provided on campus for those who want an understanding of world religions and to learn different ways to accept and support those with different religions, promoting religious diversity, to appreciate all faiths as well as their own, and to learn to work with individuals with different beliefs. The university also provides transportation, such as Uber, to churches in New Bedford for certain religious organizations. The Torch staff estimated how many students are religiously involved by talking to a small group. From the information gathered from fifteen students, a majority of them were Christian, but there are other branches of Christianity, such as Catholicism or Jehovah’s Witnesses. A few mentioned that they were Jewish and Hindu. There are even students on campus that are unaware of their beliefs or don’t practice a certain religion. The Religious and Spiritual life center is free of judgement and will answer any questions pertaining religious beliefs and will help with the uncertainty of some individuals. UMass Dartmouth is a diverse community accepting all cultures and religions, and does its best to provide support and to prevent feelings of inequality. Please take the time to visit the center here on campus if you haven’t already done so, and consider joining one of these organizations available. PHOTO COURTESY: UMASS DARTMOUTH

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