No, Disney is not selling out.

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer.

For those who don’t know, “Selling out” is a common idiomatic pejorative expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money, according to Wikipedia. 

 Those who believe that Disney is selling out use the new movies as a reason. They find something wrong with each one. 

 They argue that the new Lion King movie and the new Dumbo movie are just Disney selling out because of the fact that the plot is the same. These believers argue that the new Wreck It Ralph 2 movie is just a movie they can put out to gain money because they think it looks so much worse than the original. Finally, they argue that Disney is overextending Toy Story with Toy Story 4 to get some free money by adding to a “complete” series. 

Everyone that isn’t a cynic knows that Disney is just doing what it should be doing, which is making good movies. They believe that Disney has only improved from the old days. They see things from an optimistic perspective. 

 The new Lion King movie looks like it is going to be so much more than a remake of the original. It is a live action remake of the 1994 animated movie and the ninth-highest-grossing animated film of all time. The time and dedication that the artists and animators have put into the movie should not be dismissed by a simple saying like “it’s the same movie,” because it is not. 

 The new Dumbo movie is the same situation as the /italicize/Lion King/italicize/ movie. The animations and graphics are going to be so much better, they are updating the film for the current time period and, let’s be real, the movie is timeless. Again, with this movie, the time, dedication, and hard work of the artists and animators should not be dismissed by that simple statement, “it’s the same movie,” because that is flat out wrong. 

 The movie Wreck-It Ralph was a big hit to reach the theaters back in 2012. It hit numbers that nobody expected it to. Now, there is going to be a Wreck-It Ralph 2. This is what causes so many to believe that Disney is selling out. The cynics believe that Disney is making this next one, which the think does look worse, just to increase revenue a bit. This is not true. The second movie of this series has done well already. This has hopefully disproven the Disney is a sellout mindset. 

 The last movie in the Toy Story series is going to be Toy Story 4. There was a possibility to add more to the Toy Story storyline, so the directors did. It is an interesting extension to the characters that everyone fell in love with. People should not be complaining about this new movie and diminishing it to another example of Disney being a sell out. 

 The live action remakes of Dumbo and Lion King are going to be, maybe not as classic, but a reminder of many peoples’ childhoods and a start of a childhood for many others. 

 The continuation of the Toy Story series is going to be another good movie that everybody enjoys and eventually forgets that it came out so much later. The new Wreck-It Ralph movie is a very good movie and people shouldn’t focus on how much later it came out. 

 Disney enjoys making the movies that people love, and they love, and they will continue to do what they have been doing.


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