Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn.

On Thursday, November twenty second, millions of people gathered on the crowded sidewalks of New York City, or in front of their television sets to watch the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to kick off the holiday season.  Macy’s has been hosting this parade since 1924, this year’s parade marking ninety two years, and is going down in history as the coldest parade yet, at nineteen degrees!  

In the 2018 Thanksgiving Day parade, there were a total of thirty one floats, carrying well known performers through the New York City streets, and thirty three balloons soaring high above fans heads. Ronald Mcdonald made a reappearance, followed by the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and Dino. A few newcomers, famous for their roles on various Netflix series were towering over the crowds as well.  

Many performers dressed up for the event, and some, you can say, were even clowning around. This years Thanksgiving festivity included 1,000 clowns, honking horns and juggling as they danced or rode by in unicycles. Some guest stars were even in character, such as those who performed “Wouldn’t it be loverly” from the well-known Broadway musical,the cast of “The Prom” singing “It’s time to dance” the cast of “Summer” performing The Donna Summer Musical and the cast of Mean girls acting out a number that has recently gone into Broadway, called “Fearless”. Actors and actresses even interacted with the audience, making them a part of the show! Those who were tuning in on the action from their living room couches (approximately 50 million viewers)  also had the opportunity to get involved, and listen to celebrities share their own favorite memories of Thanksgiving with their families, during commercial break. Several dancers also broke out the dance floor, including the famous Rockettes!  

The band members of an Ohio High School were thrilled to receive the news that they were invited to play in the 2018 parade, and they did an excellent job, as did the eleven other marching bands.  It’s certainly not easy to perform in front of not just the live audience, but 50 million viewers at home as well. Not to mention, the hard work and preparation, not just for the band players, but for all of the performers. Setting up the entire festival is hard preparation but worth it!  

To bring an end to the parade, audience members welcomed the Christmas season as an addition to celebrating Thanksgiving from the help of Spongebob Squarepants floating above the crowd wearing an inflatable santa hat. Elf on the shelf, accompanied by friends, also waved to the audience, followed by the largest float in Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade history,  anticipating on arriving to children’s homes this christmas season! My personal favorite float was also at the parade this year, featuring Charlie Brown and his friends, representing a classical holiday favorite, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. And of course, ending the parade, Santa Clause arrived on his sled pulled by his reindeer, and followed by his elves working in the toy shop. Here’s to another amazing parade hosted by Macy’s, for the ninety second year!


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