“Happy Valentime’s Day” A Big Mouth Special:

By Staff Writer Tighe Ratcliffe

If you haven’t watched the first two seasons of the Netflix series Big Mouth, then disregard this story. If you’re crazy about this show and are itching for the next season to come out, then this article is for you.

The “Valentime’s” day special picks up where season 2 left off: Connie is now Nick’s Hormone Monstress, Andrew is still a pervy-weirdo trying to get back together with Missy, Maurice is still hilarious, Jessi is still dealing with her mom being a lesbian, and Jay is still screwing pillows. And of course, the minor characters are still doing their own thing.

The special (which is a double length episode) primarily follows the stories of these characters as they all deal with the dreaded Valentines Day in their own special ways. But Nick is the main focus of the special as he deals with his tender nips, mood swings, and accepting Connie as his new monster. This not only makes for some hilarious moments, but some tender ones as well. And no, I’m not talking about his nips again, there are some actual touching moments between the two as Nick finally embraces that Connie is the right Hormone Monster for him.

Jessi is also going through a lot as she comes to terms with her mother’s sexuality. And in this special we see her friendship with Mathew, the only openly gay character in the school, blossom.

The two decide to spend time with each other on Valentine’s Day since neither one has anyone to spend it with. We really get to know Matt better in this special, as he takes a bigger role in the story. Who knows? Maybe he’ll now be one of the main characters from here on out.

As it was mentioned, Jessi and Matt spend a lot of time together in this episode, they share a duet about how they can be catty bff’s and judge everyone else in middle school. And eventually towards the end of the episode Matt meets a possible love interest, to his and Maurice’s excitement.
Let’s not forget Jay, our favorite bisexual horny magician. He’s dealing with a “load” of problems as he tries to balance both sides of his sexuality with his male and female pillow love-interests. He tries to be the “ultimate-f@#k machine” in his own words, attempting to give his pillow dates the best Valentines Day possible. This of course goes horribly wrong and he wears himself out, unable to satisfy either of his dates. And it seems that he might be temporarily putting his libido to rest for a little while at the end of the special.

And finally, our favorite pervy-weirdo Andrew struggles to come up with a way to get Missy back. Spoiler alert, he messes up HORIBLY. He decides to wear a barrette to make him look debonair, but he ends up having an allergic reaction to it.

The barrette gets stuck to his head because it causes dermatitis. He also gets incredibly jealous of the Lars (the kid in the wheel chair), as he and Missy begin flirting.

This sends Andrew into a series of bad mistakes that culminates into him pushing Lars out of his chair, and losing all possible chances with Missy.
In addition to that, Lola rips off the barrette that is stuck to Andrew’s head, along with most of his hair. Humiliated, Andrew runs out of the house and continues to make a spectacle of himself, making things worse for him.
Hopefully this review doesn’t give too much away and makes you want to watch the special. I’ve already watched it several times, and it gets better with each viewing, which is good.

We’re not getting another season of Big Mouth likely until Fall 2019. So, we’ll just have to keep binge-watching seasons 1-2 and this Valentines special until then.


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