A Little Late with Lilly Singh set to premiere

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer.

On Thursday, March 14, Lilly Singh, a popular YouTuber, announced that she was going to have her own late-night show.

Singh was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show when she made her announcement. It seemed like an ordinary interview with a guest until she did. Singh announced that her own late-night show would be aired on NBC. She estimates that it will begin airing sometime in the fall. Her show would be following both Jimmy Fallon’s and Seth Meyer’s time slots.

Singh also announced during her time on Jimmy Fallon’s show that her show will be titled A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Fallon brought out fellow late-night host Seth Meyers to have, what appeared to be champagne, with as they celebrated the new addition to the “late-night family.” Finally, they took a “cheesy family photo” as the segment approached its end.

If you don’t know already, Lilly Singh has made herself famous on social media over the years, since her start in 2010. She is famous for her humor, her personality, and her viral videos that she has stuck to.

In 2010, Singh created her YouTube channel and started posting on it. She decided to go with the YouTube name “IISuperwomanII.” Her YouTube channel is where she gained the most traction.

Her fans were attracted to her personality and subscribed to watch new videos that she uploads, which only made her more popular.

To this day, she has amassed over 14.5 million subscribers on YouTube, but her social media popularity doesn’t stop there.

Singh has spread to all types of social media accumulating over 8.3 million Instagram followers and over 5.8 million twitter followers. Overall, Singh is a social media monster… in a good way.

Singh creates videos about her day, otherwise known as vlogs, as well as short skits, interviews, and other videos that attract fans to her personality and humor. She has collaborated with more common famous people like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Seth Rogan, Nick Jonas’ wife Priyanka Chopra, and more to further attract new audiences and get them hooked on her.

Finally, after nine years of hard work and commitment, she has gotten herself a time slot on mainstream television, and a major spot as well.

This is more important that if any YouTuber got to host their own late-night show.

This is important because it is the first woman to host late-night television since Joan Rivers had her own program on Fox in the 1980s.

Another reason that this is important is because she is also an Indian-Canadian woman in a white male dominated profession. This groundbreaking news will hopefully spark a new era of diversification in late-night television as well as in other professions. It is a positive sign for the future.

After Lilly made the announcement, Jimmy offered to switch seats with her so that she could get a feel of whether or not she wanted a desk in her late-night show.

Following this, Lilly asked for advice that Jimmy had for her. He jokingly told her that she can never be sick because everyone relies on you every day that the show airs.

Singh then specified what she meant and asked Jimmy what advice he had for when she was nervous. His response was that the adrenaline rush when you’re live makes you forget about the nerves and nobody remembers anything embarrassing that you do, only you remember it.

Hopefully Jimmy is right, and Singh doesn’t get nervous hosting her new show. I, and I think most people, wish the best for Lilly with her new show and hope that it blows up her career and that she becomes more popular than she ever thought she could be.


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