New theatre company leadership starts on right foot

By Arts & Entertainment Editor Alex Kerravala.

20 Cent Fiction, one of the two on campus theatre companies, was one of the several clubs on campus to participate in Relay for life. With the 4 group members there all day and the several others who visited at some point throughout the day, the Theatre Company was able to raise $847 dollars for Relay for Life, contributing to the schools total of $9,075.

On Saturday, April 6th, UMass Dartmouth held its Relay for Life event in the campus quad, allowing groups on campus to raise funds for the American Cancer Society by running or walking laps. In the case of UMass Dartmouth, these groups would walk laps around the campus quad, and took donations for doing so.

Thanks to the hard work of these clubs, both on and off the course, these clubs were able to raise over $9,000 of their $15,000 goal. While the groups here were unable to reach their goal, it’s still $9,000 going directly to the American Cancer Society.

20 Cent Fiction recently elected their new E-board, and it would appear they are incredibly eager to please, and have started out on the right foot. President-elect Gabbi Barthe, Current President Sawyer Smook-Pollitt, and Secretary Megan Sullivan were all present at the Relay for Life all day, and are more than happy to continue the work 20 Cent does well into next year with the shows they have in line for next year.

Over the course of the next year, beginning in Fall of 2019, 20 Cent will be happy to present American Idiot- a rock musical based on the Green Day album of the same name, as their headlining musical. Additionally, they will be putting together two straight plays: Dog Sees God- a play featuring the cast of characters from Charlie Brown as teenagers, and Hell Fire, a play written by 20 Cent president-elect Gabriella Barthe.
Of course, what year would be complete without Rocky? As such, 20 Cent will also be showing their 26th annual production of Rocky Horror Picture Show as usual.

With the exceptional turnout at Relay for life, in addition to the wonderful Variety Show produced in tandem with their sister organisation TCo, it’s clear that the next years leadership of 20 Cent is more than excited to end the year strong and start the next even stronger.

While 20 Cent has had the time to make a name for himself, TCo, Dartmouth Theatre Company, still has the important events on the horizon, most immediately, the show voting for next year. Similar to 20 Cent, they will be performing 4 events: Broadway Revue, a series of performances highlighting the best of Broadway; a Mainstage straight play to be held in the auditorium, a smaller straight play to be held in CVPA 153, and the annual Mainstage Musical.

The proposals for the Spring Musical for TCo are all phenomenal and fairly popular shows. Competing for the spot are Rent, the modern classic about AIDS victims in New York City; Urinetown, the somewhat lesser known satirical comedy about a ban on public toilets; and Fiddler On The Roof, a classic of Broadway about a tight knit Jewish community about the protection of innocence and the fear of losing it. Each show is highly acclaimed,and there is no doubt it the show will be exceptional.


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