20 Cent sets to deliver, as Cabaret debuts Thursday, April 25th

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa.

Cabaret, a musical set in 1931 Berlin, is coming to UMass Dartmouth through our own theater company, 20 Cent Fiction.

The play features wartime Berlin as the Nazis rise to power, displaying a society that works to accommodate the drastic changes from that time period. It focuses on the nightlife scene from a club known as the Kit Kat Klub.

Trevor Faria, first time director for a 20 Cent Production, has much to say about the upcoming production. “I’m excited to be able to show the audience a different kind of story, one that is unfortunately relevant to today’s society,” is what the director had to say on the subject.

Due to the controversial nature of the current political climate, the audience can be assured that parallels can be drawn between the supposed leniency of that time period and the strife that we associate with that time period.

The play promises to reveal a certain level of allegory that is pertinent today.

However, it is not only the political climate that has the director excited for the play. Cabaret is also throwing an element into the mix that has not been seen in 20 Cent productions for many years; live music. “I’m really excited to be bringing a live pit band to stage!”

His enthusiasm is not misplaced;  a live element of music adds a lot to a production. If a student’s experiences with theater have been limited to UMass Dartmouth, it is worth seeing live.

Shaleigh Brooke, a music education major, is the conductor for the pit band. Her band, comprised of students, alumni, and community members have been rehearsing and practicing as hard as the actual production to promise a top-quality performance.

The cast is also excited to get this show on the road.

When Sawyer Pollitt was approached concerning the play, he was more than happy to talk shop about the play.

When asked what part of the show would surprise the audience the most, he answered, “Definitely the political context of the show. We are dealing with sensitive historical subjects and the audience might not be expecting all of that from a musical.”

Sawyer, who will be playing Herr Shultz, is one of the many talents that have breathed life into this production.

In today’s political climate, plays that contain nuggets of truth and reminders of the past are of utmost importance.

This play could not be coming at a better time, culturally.

It is said that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

While the world around us is starkly different than that of 1931 Berlin, it’s crucial to understand the mentality of a complacent society that eventually led to international atrocities in the form of the Holocaust.

The play covers topics that are controversial, which is the bread and butter of 20 Cent Fiction’s productions. It will reveal an insight to the type of individual that was struggling with persecution during that time period, humanizing and sympathizing with elements from time period that feel so distant. This play goes a long way to making the distant past feel eerily close. 

Be sure to check out Cabaret on April 25th, 26th, and 27th at 7pm. Saturday the 27th also has a 2:00 PM viewing!

If plays involving suspense, grand political context, persecution, love, Germany, and seedy night clubs sound like your cup of tea, then this is the play for you.


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