Cheers to a successful Unity Fest

By Staff Writer Tamendy Raymond.

Unidad 2019, meaning “Unity” in Spanish, gave a deeper meaning to community, in essence creating a family.

The Campus Center beautifully decorated with different colors and flags celebrating the different heritages and cultures of many.

On April 11, 2019, in the Campus Center held their annual Unity Fest, where different cultural groups, students and faculty gathered together to broaden the idea of community, essentially bringing everyone together as one through culture, heritage, song, dance and of coarse food!

“Jewels of Nazams” tabled selling Indian jewelry and scarfs.

It was an event that unified all groups of students, families and faculty. There was pins and keychain making, henna tables, and outdoor games including Jenga.

The NAACP musical chairs took place outside, which created a fun friendly competition amongst students and faculty.

Free t-shirts were given, music by DJ Exclusive and live performances by UMD Live and Uncut Step Team and Pan-African was a great way to allow everyone to feel involved and included.

It gathered all ethnicities of all ages and groups.

Most people enjoyed the pin and key chain making, this allowed friends to come together, pose for a picture and have it as a memorable keychain.

On the projector displayed a slide show of different images targeting different monuments and visuals associated with different cultures and heritages, which allowed everyone to feel a sense of home, while being away from home.

The Campus Center was decorated with a multi-cultural representation of different flags all around which illuminated the campus.

Blue t-shirts were distributed with “Unidad 2019” boldly written on the back, with multicolored hands holding each other forming a circle.

With the color blue, being a symbol of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, and intelligence.

Unity Fest was able to successfully manifest the influence of unity to create solidarity among all.

This event allowed all races, gender, and age to come together to ultimately form a unified fun filled experience.

Bringing a community of people together that share a common goal.

This allowed you step out of his comfort zone to experience something unique other than what we are normally accustomed to.

It is important for events as Unity Fest to continue on campus because it gives everyone space to understand and learn something exclusive.

Overall it was a rich environment to educate and get a sense of belonging. It’s an innovative way to connect, engage, and participate in something bigger and different.

Essentially, forming a special bond amongst different cultures, community and groups to help display not only unity but a bond that flows deeper, ultimately creating a bigger sense of family.


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