Is Sanders the right way to go to stop discrimination against American citizens?  

By Staff Writer Sarah Vasquez 

If you don’t know who Ilhan Omar is I am about to tell you a little about who she really is and her core beliefs as a Somali-American. Ilhan Omar was the first Somali-American to be voted into the legislative office and has also been the first on landing a spot in the U.S. Congress. Omar has never been a really big fan of all the immigration policies that President Donald Trump has created. Overall all she has been such a great American figure that advocates for the well-being of American citizens in order to get affordable housing and cheaper healthcare. She has spoken about student loan debt forgiveness and living wages because she understands the struggles that Americans are facing in order to keep themselves and their families alive.  

Ihan Omar is going to endorse Bernie Sanders because she believes that he is the one that is more alined with her core beliefs. I believe that she is endorsing Sanders for the fact that he is willing to fight for any American citizen. It doesn’t matter what kind of skin tone you are; Sander is willing to fight for every American citizen. Overall, we all know that president Trump’s main focus has always been White Americans, since he never stops attacking  people and communities of color. 

Ihan Omar has faced Presidents Trump’s discrimination firsthand, since he is frequently attacking her with racist comments. Trump has always been the type to go against those who don’t believe in what he is fighting for and Omar has been one of those people. She has shown true courage to go against a lot of people that have more power than her, in order to fight for those that she thinks are worth fighting for.  

Sanders to Omar is a promise for a better future. She sees that with him there will be improvements happening, overall, they have already started fighting for college students well beings. With Sanders support she has used her power of public speaking to fight for what she has always been fighting for. Sanders wants to prioritize human rights since they are always left to the side to ignore. Sanders is helping those who Trump has neglected throughout his whole carrier as the President for the United States. Trump has not been able to take care of all his people because of his preference for whites. However, Sanders shows a brighter future for all Americans.  

Sanders has had a long history of fighting for marginalized communities. He was the first mayor to recognize Pride month as mayor of Burlington. In 1995 he risked his career by challenging another federal legislator on his stance that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed in the military. This was a common belief at the time, and Sanders was one of the few politicians to challenge it. Sanders was arrested in 1963 while protesting in the civil rights movement. It is this history of demanding social change that has lead Illhan Omar to endorse Bernie Sanders instead of his other peers in the DNC.  

Ihan Omar has shown that it doesn’t matter where you come from, that shouldn’t stop you from fighting for what is right.  


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