Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dies at 99

By Sam Travis

Staff Writer

This past week, the Royal Family, once again, made national news. Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away at the age of 99. Buckingham Palace confirmed the death of the prince on April 9, 2021, just several months shy of his 100th birthday. While the causes of his death are still being kept private, Windsor Castle assured it’s people that the prince passed away peacefully, surrounded by family. 

While the prince’s death has not come as a shock to anyone, considering he was close to 100-years-old, his absence will certainly take a while to get used to. The duke was married to Queen Elizabeth II for more than seventy years, making him the longest serving consort in British history. There are most likely many people in the world who cannot remember life before the reign of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Phillip at her side. This most likely is the same for the people of Windsor Castle, along with Buckingham Palace. Prince Phillip’s death will most likely bring a long absence to the Royal Family in more ways than anyone could know. 

Prince Phillip, of Greek and Danish descent, was born on the island of Corfu in June of 1921, in which his family was forced to flee Greece as war started to threaten their country. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of eighteen, serving in the Second World War, receiving achievements for his bravery and courage. However, once his married Queen Elizabeth, he gave up his career in the navy to support her by her side as the prince, to which many people say his commitment to the Queen was “unfaltering.” 

Together they have four children; Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Prince Phillip also leaves behind many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who are all said to have loved him very much. The Prince was also very well-involved with several charities of his interest, some of which include wildlife protection, sports and technology. 

The funeral for Prince Phillip is to take place within the next several days at Windsor Castle. There is no doubt to anyone that the funeral will be served with honor and respect, just as the prince for a country deserves after nearly 100 years of life, most of it spent as a figure-head for an entire nation. This will be the world’s opportunity to officially say goodbye to Prince Phillip as he is put to his final resting place, forever to be remembered by millions. 


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