Hollywood Writers On the Brink

(Image via usatoday.com) Business Manager: Brendan Flaherty Email: bflaherty1@umassd.edu  As the contract for Hollywood writers closed on May 1st, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) came together and started a strike on May 2nd. The WGA is angered by the amount that is being demanded of them and the little pay they receive, according to USA Today. A similar protest occurred from 2007-2008, when the … Continue reading Hollywood Writers On the Brink


A New Era of Star Wars Content is Upon Us 

(Image via starwarsnews.net) Photography Manager: Brendan Flaherty Email: bflaherty1@umassd.edu Held in London from April 7th to the 10th, the Star Wars Celebration brought new hope to many Star Wars fans for the future of their favorite series in a galaxy far, far away. During the Celebration, executive producers and directors of the many ongoing and future Star Wars projects came together to announce the many … Continue reading A New Era of Star Wars Content is Upon Us 


Zelenskyy: Servant of the People

Staff Writer: Carolyn Doremus cdoremus@umassd.edu Since the February 24th Russian invasion of Ukraine, people living across the globe have become much more aware of the Russo-Ukrainian War, and if they weren’t knowledgeable about the history between the two countries already, have been provided with more information through the news coverage. One name in particular that of course has become more commonly seen across the world … Continue reading Zelenskyy: Servant of the People