The truth about the Area 51 Alien Raid 

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn  A majority of citizens had suspicion that Area 51, a secret Air Force base located in Southern Nevada, was in contact with extraterrestrial entities. These suspicions led to a festival on this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 2019 in the towns of Rachel and Hiko, Nevada.   The event originated from a Facebook user by the name of Matt Roberts, … Continue reading The truth about the Area 51 Alien Raid 

The dark side of YouTube

By Staff Writer Meg Sullivan YouTube’s algorithm has been recommending a number of videos of YouTubers promoting disproven cures to cancer. BBC investigated YouTube in ten languages, and there has been about eighty videos found of misinformation in ways to cure cancer. YouTube tends to advertise big named brands but, also, strangely fake cancer cure videos. The meaning of YouTube’s algorithm is it renders the … Continue reading The dark side of YouTube

The Commonwealth of Vapeachusetts

By Staff Writer Max Dean White   Ever since vaping products hit the market back in 2003, they have been used by many for their own reasons. Users often site their reason as being a quick fix to relieve stress in the same way as traditional smoking.  However, with growing concern from government authorities over the validity of the vaping companies’ marketing over the years … Continue reading The Commonwealth of Vapeachusetts

Saudi Arabia oil conflict

By Staff Writer Kira Bruce Unfortunately, conflict in the Middle East continues into the last few weeks when a drone-lead missile hit a Saudi Arabian oil production plant. This had serious repercussions in ME-US relations.  The United States is Saudi’s military ally so they expect us to help when there is a need for military aid. Yet, since Saudi government officials are keen on blaming … Continue reading Saudi Arabia oil conflict

Burger King lets vegetarians have it there way

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa   As I waited in the drive through at Burger King, I could see the Wendy’s sign across the street. It felt as if Wendy was looking at me judgmentally, like I was cheating on her. “How could you?” Her giant, freckled expression started towards me accusingly. “How could you ruin the beautiful thing we had?”  I turned my attention, and my … Continue reading Burger King lets vegetarians have it there way

Barstool continues to act like a bunch of Barfools!

By Contributing Writer Abigail Field It may come as a surprise to anyone who follows the UMass Dartmouth satellite accounts of Barstool Sports on Twitter and Instagram, but it appears that they have somewhat changed their stances on the importance of academics and public disturbances. The accounts are well known for their typically humorous posts about unbridled drinking and carousing, memes aimed at the administration, … Continue reading Barstool continues to act like a bunch of Barfools!

Making a difference in Guatemala

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn A member of The Torch had a life changing opportunity to participate in a non-profit organization and travel to Guatemala this past July. The organization, known as Worthy Village, first started in 2014 with a small group of volunteers and has increased in size over the years. Worthy Village was established by a former UMass Dartmouth student, Julia Rayberg. Rayberg … Continue reading Making a difference in Guatemala

Sunrise Movement maintains pressure on administration

By Arts & Entertainment Editor Sawyer Pollitt Chants of “What do we want? Commitment! When do we want it? Now!” echoed throughout the main campus quad on Friday, September 27th, over twenty members of the UMass Dartmouth Hub of the Sunrise Movement, who had organized a climate walkout the previous week, gathered again to demand commitment from UMass Dartmouth’s administration.   This commitment, says Hub Organizer … Continue reading Sunrise Movement maintains pressure on administration

Plant-based progress

By Contributing Writer Caroline Quirk The standard American diet consists of pre-packaged foods, processed meats, and high-fat dairy products. It doesn’t sound so good when said out loud, does it? Thursday October 10 at 12:30 in the campus center the Green Navigators will be leading a discussion about how a plant-based diet will help reduce the impact on people, the planet, and profits. A plant-based … Continue reading Plant-based progress

The scientific facts behind Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEE)

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn Students and faculty are preparing themselves for the outbreak of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, commonly known by its abbreviation, EEE in the Dartmouth area. Staff writers for the Torch were able to meet with professor Bromage, an immunologist here on campus to discuss the virus and what community members can do to avoid getting infected. The virus is known to be … Continue reading The scientific facts behind Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus (EEE)