Battle of the pets: Cats are obviously the winner


by Kristen Botas, Contributing Writer

It’s the age old deal breaker. It has been said to define a person due to their preference on the subject.

It has been known to drive a wedge between some people’s relationships and friendships. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen before.

I’ve met a few characters during my ongoing journey through life, so I know this is true.

Now you may be wondering: “What is she talking about that could be this extreme that it can drive a wedge between some people’s relationships and friendships?”

Well people of the world, it’s not politics, (even though most of what I’ve described fits the bill) but it’s the age old deal breaker of cats vs. dogs.

Now there are cat people and those other people we call dog people. Who will win this never-ending disagreement? Only time can tell. All we know is who the real winner is here – cats.

Think about it, cats are extremely smart and totally low maintenance. They’re the perfect pet for anyone who is busy all day and can’t be home to take care of their furry friend at all times.  Sounds relatable, right friends?

Take for instance, this situation. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re dreaming your little heart out. Do you really want to be woken up by a little fur-ball slobbering on your face (aka your dog) to let them outside in the freezing cold just for them not to even go?

So now you’re not only cold, but you can’t get back to your dream of marrying Tom Brady or whoever your #MANCRUSHMONDAY is or #WOMANCRUSHWEDNESDAY is.

It’s totally annoying in my opinion.

You don’t have that problem with cats. They just do what they need to do in their litter box and they let you sleep in so you have more time to snooze until class, work, or for those physically-fit people out there, your morning workout.

Keep in mind all of the famous cat figures we have in society today. Some include: Dr. Seuss’s famous Cat in the Hat, Garfield, Tom from Tom and Jerry, and many more. All of these figures we all grew up watching as children and they still influence children today.   

Cats have always had this mysterious way of cheering us up when we’re down. I guess it must be connected to their ability to always land on their feet after falling.

I know watching cat videos online are a great way of procrastination. You can spend hours watching these furry friends with their silly antics they pull on their owners.

Cats are so awesome that they even have many different cafés dedicated just to them.

A cat café is a café that partners up with local rescue shelters where customers can come in and enjoy a cup of coffee and play with some kittens.

These cat cafés promote “adopt don’t shop” in hopes to help find these furry little friends a new loving home. The closest cat café near us is Meow Parlor in New York, New York. We all know the holiday season is coming up and New York, New York is notorious for their beautiful light displays all over the city so maybe put this day adventure on your bucket list.

Ultimately, cats are the best pet. They are just like potato chips, you can’t just have one!

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