Battle of the pets: Dogs are truly golden

by Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

Dogs or cats? Let me think about it – wait – that’s easy, dogs! You know the slogan: “a man’s best friend.” I mean who doesn’t like to look at that cute little puppy’s face, it will melt your heart every time!

Everyone I know has a furry best friend. Whether it’s a galloping greeting when you walk through the front door, or curling up next to you by a fire, dogs are the ultimate companion when looking to add a pet to your life.

Don’t get me wrong, cats are nice too, but nothing compares to this kind of pet. Whether they are accompanying you on a nice long beach walk or splashing around in the water, they are always by your side.

There is nothing like heading outside for a game of fetch. Dogs are always right back at your feet, panting and eagerly waiting for you to send it soaring into the air once again.

All over my neighborhood you’ll see people walking during the early morning with their dog by their side, taking in the scenery.

We also have a park nearby, where many dog owners will gather and play with their dogs on the weekends.

Dogs are actually quite talented, too. They are often able to do tricks if well-trained and can jump, roll over, speak, beg, and even dance.

Now can cats do that? Some even go to the extent of competing in dogs shows, for example the National Dog Show aired on NBC which takes place every Thanksgiving. Dogs are truly beautiful and remarkable animals.

When I was little, I grew up with a golden retriever and not to be biased but he (Cramer) was the sweetest dog you could come across. Not only was he a beautiful dog, but so dorsal that he would not let a fly land on you.

Cramer and I would play together for hours and you always would get a good licking, because he was a part of the family, and he knew it. He was the perfect family dog and considered my parents his parents, so instead of having two kids, there were three.

Ever since, my golden dog passed on, my family and I could never get another pet, because our dog was one of a kind.

It does not matter the breed: any type of dog will be your “golden” dog as their hearts are as big as a person’s. Your four legged friend is always happy to see you.

Even though we love our cat friends too, there is something about a dog that will always be considered the favorite.

Just look at your most beloved dog-themed movies, they know how to capture and drive you in, making you want to own one or hold yours even closer.

If you are deciding to purchase a pet, I recommend going with a puppy, maybe even a Golden Retriever. I can assure you that you will love them as much as I do. They are the perfect addition to any type of family.

Christmas is just around the corner and there is nothing more special than receiving a dog under the tree all wrapped up in a big red bow.

The debate between cats and dogs will continue on.

And as the saying goes, “it’s raining cats and dogs” – we all know that we would rather it rain more dogs.


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