Budget friendly Valentine’s Day ideas

By Alex Solari, Staff Writer
Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us once again and, as always, some people hate this holiday and some love it. Either way, there are some of us out there who have significant others and don’t know what to do with them on this special day. We’re all college students, and we know how incredibly expensive a simple date can be. It’s not worth going broke over this holiday when you could have just as much fun with your partner without spending hundreds. Here are some nearby places that you and your boo could have some memories at on a budget! Before we get to affordable places to go with your partner, there is a free activity the two of you can do this Valentine’s Day! There is an app called Geocaching, which is basically a scavenger hunt for adults. You just enter in your location and it gives you clues as to where little treasures are hidden! You aren’t able to keep these finds since they are meant to stay there for others to find, but it’s a great adventure to have with your significant other! You  can buy the full expansion for maximum fun but the app is free so you don’t have to to have a good time. The first place I’d like to mention is Hetland Skating Rink on 310 Hathaway Blvd. in New Bedford, which is only about ten minutes away from campus. This rink only costs $5 a person, with a $5 fee to rent skates. I’ve had some fun memories at this place, and I’m sure you will, too! Just keep in mind that on Valentine’s Day the rink is open for public skating from 12:30-2:30 p.m. Another fun place to go is Wonder Bowl on 66 Hathaway Road in New Bedford. This place is a bit more expensive than Hetland, but if you’re in the mood for bowling this place is definitely right for you. It costs $18 an hour for a lane, and $3 for shoe rentals. Along with bowling, Wonder Bowl has a bar with some delicious snacks, and an an arcade for after you’re done. Another great, cost-efficient date would be to go to the Whaling Museum in Downtown New Bedford, located on 18 Johnny Cake Hill. This museum has lots of information and requires a little bit of brainpower, but it’s an amazing experience that you and your partner can share together as you learn about the history of New Bedford. Normally, the price of a ticket is $16, but for students above 19 years old they are only $9. Don’t forget to bring your student ID! While you’re downtown at the museum, you also have to check out one of the many restaurants in the heart of the city. There are great places like DnB Burgers, Brick Pizza, and Destination Soups, but my absolute favorite place would have to be No Problemo, located on 813 Purchase Street. At this little restaurant, you can get Mexican food that tastes like it dropped from the heavens, all at a low price. If you and your boo like Chipotle, you have to try No Problemo. Just remember, they only accept cash! Lastly, if you’re willing to spend a little more and travel a bit further, Dave and Buster’s in the Providence Place Mall is incredibly fun and always creates new memories. The prices at Dave and Buster’s are a bit more complicated, since the total cost depends on how much you want to spend at the arcade. As long as you keep track of your spending on games, you can definitely have a super fun, budget-friendly night! I hope I gave you practical ideas on what to do with your significant other next Tuesday! Just remember, even if you can’t afford to do anything on Valentine’s Day, all that matters is that you’re spending quality time with your partner.

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