Get the fear out of public speaking with the Public Speaking and Professional Development Network
By Tinaye Gambiza, Contributing Writer

Hello, my name is Tinaye Gambiza and I’m the treasurer of the Public Speaking and Professional Development Network Organization (PSPDN) here on campus.

First, let me start of by saying, I understand more than anyone how terrifying public speaking can be. It’s nerve-racking.

Public speaking doesn’t come easy to everyone, but as you all know, we will all have to do it at some time or another.  As students, we will have to give class presentations multiple times throughout our college careers.

Then, when we go out into the work force, we will constantly be put into situations where we have to sell ourselves, an idea, etc. Great speaking skills are necessary for both.

To tell you the truth, I’m actually a very reserved person. I used to hate public speaking more than anything.

But as much as I hated public speaking, I hated having opportunities pass me by even more. I would often refuse to take opportunities because they required me to speak in front of large groups of people. I was limiting myself.

Nothing is more annoying than missing out on opportunities because you’re scared, or you think that you’re not worthy. Sadly, this has been the case for me up until recently.

Last year, I made the decision to go to a PSPDN meeting and get over my fear. To everyone’s surprise including my own, I volunteered to give a speech in the first couple weeks after I joined the organization.

The speech I wrote and presented was about how to conquer negativity. Next thing I knew, our advisor, Mr. Anthony Baird asked me to read my speech at the annual Dean’s List Event in front of dozens of students and faculty.

I said yes of course. Shortly after I started thinking to myself, “OH NO! What did I agree to?

Speaking in front of all these people at a school event. How do I get out of this?” Then, I remembered why I joined this organization in the first place.

I joined this organization to get out of my comfort zone. I joined this organization to overcome my fear. I joined this organization to no longer be in the background.

As a result, I spoke at the event and believe it went well. I owe all of that to this organization which is filled with members who truly want to see you succeed.

Please know that it is a supportive environment. All of the people in the organization are there to cheer you on and help you improve. Do not miss out on this incredible opportunity because of fear.

Everyone deserves to be the best possible version of themselves and that is what the Public Speaking and Professional Development Network embodies.

I ask all of you to give this organization a chance and see how far it can take you.

If you don’t take anything else from what I said, remember this “Fear is temporary; regret is forever.”

Meetings are every Thursday at 5 p.m. in Charlton College of Business, room 115.
Please feel free to email me.

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