Trump declares Obama wiretapped his tower, has a mental breakdown

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By Jonathan Moniz, Staff Writer

In a move some have (like myself) call neurosis, Trump had a Twitter storm in the early hours of the morning Saturday, March 4. He said, and I quote, “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

Ignoring the boat-load of problems with that statement on a professional, personal, psychological, and political level, not to mention just the sheer humanity that lies behind it, this tweet is but the latest “controversy” in a series of rather unfortunate events.

But let me be brutally honest here-this is porridge. And it doesn’t matter. This is the degrading psyche of an egotist. I won’t even say sociopath-because Trump does not have a mental disorder. He just has a personality problem.

Let’s break down the order of events-Trump has his (two-thousandth) meltdown on Saturday-the press reports Sunday, treating it as a big deal. Experts begin going back and forth, some calling for impeachments, others calling for less twitter and more president, some just laughing at the insanity of it all.

One, a former lawyer for Obama, tweets out that wiretaps are only advisable as part of court-ordered investigation, which means Trump was being investigated. The supporters of Trump ignore everything and continue on blandly ignoring it all, chalking it up to another scam of the “fake news.”

Basically, everyone loses their minds for the next twenty-four hours. This doesn’t stop and continues into the next day, and again good ol’ Spicy is once again tossed out in front of the media in hap-hazard condition, possibly trying to signal for help at points by putting his flag pin upside down, to deal with it all.

He tries to say that Trump really didn’t mean it and some words and not others were in quotes-therefore signifying Trump wasn’t sure. Which means that of course Trump is not sure-because there actually is nothing there.

But the tweet is actually a non-issue-for let’s be frank here, in the spirit of honest discussion. Trump’s tweets are just the decorations on the icing of a decaying cake-the side issue to the side issue that is the real problem.

The problem here is Trump himself-the demagoguery, the political spin, the reality television maneuvering with his tweets, and finally the real attempts of surrounding himself with corporatists, lobbyists, the rich and the corrupt that will bankrupt the country.

You see, Trump inadvertently throws up a smokescreen-by using his ego.

He creates controversy after controversy after controversy so no one pays attention to what he’s actually doing-which, considering the collusions with Putin, the real attempts to defang the EPA which serves as our only shield between an actual crisis, and making it impossible for the poor to advance in life.

These tweets are a non-issue, and ultimately don’t matter. Yes, they can be divisive and degrading, and yes they are infuriating.

How can someone be so callous, cruel, and ultimately egotistical to need to talk about himself so much? I don’t have the answer to that.

But what I do have the answer for is this-this tweet, like all of his others, doesn’t matter. Most young people now, as the article I’ve written in the news section states, gets their news from social media.

So all they see is this and not what Trump is actually doing, which is slowly but surely ruining all that we strive for-equality, justice, and everything good.

I do not care what he writes in one-hundred-forty characters or less, and neither should you-whether you support him or not, whether you even like the man as a person.

Because actions speak louder than words, and the actions Trump has been taking are, make no mistake, going to hurt everyone.

Building a wall is a good idea-but not along the border of Mexico, instead along the very edges of our coastal areas so they aren’t flooded due to climate change.

Revitalizing our health care system is needed, but not to again rob millions who drastically need healthcare to survive and can’t afford it.

Improving the infrastructure is necessary-America has lagged behind countries on regulations, taxation, the economy, and it’s showing. Capitalism, and the free-market economy so touted as the solution to everything, is now failing.

The actions Trump is putting into place will ultimately hurt all of us-and not just those living here, but everywhere. It doesn’t ultimately matter whether or not you didn’t vote for him, what’s important is what he’s doing now.

Which is a lot more than having a mental breakdown on Saturday mornings at inhuman hours.

And it’s a lot more important, for we’ll have to live with the consequences of his actions.

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