An open letter to UMass Dartmouth’s administration

Dear University of Massachusetts Dartmouth administration,

As students concerned for the future, we believe it would be in the best interest of our campus if immediate action were taken in order to increase the number of implemented sustainable practices.

We are aware that long term plans for campus sustainability have been made, but the postponement of what should be done in the present concerns us.

As students enrolled in a sustainability course, we understand the true importance of living a sustainable life everyday.

We wish to be informed of future green initiatives that will be implemented throughout the university by the time all Spring 2017 Principles of Sustainability students finish college in 2020.

On February 14, Jamie Jacquart, Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability, visited our Principles of Sustainability class and informed us of the numerous green initiatives here on campus.

What we learned further inspires us to take initiative to formally request to see additional action to increase sustainability on     campus.

We would like to see initiatives taken such as the installation of substantially more solar panels to save energy, the improvement of buildings to maximize energy efficiency, an increase of efforts for water conservation, and a full-time wind generating turbine.

We want to see more easily implemented changes happen sooner, such as the elimination of plastic bags, increased attention to food waste, and other direct and easily achievable sustainable actions.

In addition, we would like to see the university administration become a more vocal advocate for sustainable initiatives.

We feel the university has the resources to make changes now. We have a greater chance of both conserving and protecting our resources for future students and faculty immediately following the treatment of sustainability as a priority.

Principles of Sustainability 101-03, Spring 2017


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