Top 10 local stops that you should visit
By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

We are in the month of April and Spring fever is in the air. It’s right about now that us college students are looking for cheap and fun local attractions. The Torch has lined up another local story highlighting the top ten local attractions that you must go to. Are you ready to have some fun? If so, grab your day trip bag and let’s hit the road!

1. Caddy Shack Mini Golf, Dartmouth, M.A.
Spotlight: Bumper Boats & Mini Golf

The Caddy Shack is just a few minutes away from campus and is one of my favorite group activities. It offers something for everyone to enjoy. The bumper boats are a great way to cool off in the summer after enjoying a round of mini golf.

I love being able to play around the course with family and friends. The driving range is a great way to test your swinging skills and I know I always like trying to see how far I can drive it. They also offer batting cages for our baseball fans! If you’re hungry, make sure to grab an ice cream cone to enjoy after a day of games.

2. Zeiterion Theatre, New Bedford, M.A.
Spotlight: For the Theatre Lover

Get ready for a night at the theater. The Zeiterion Theater located in New Bedford makes for a great night out. The legendary shows are full of action and with the best actors. I personally enjoy slipping into a nice dress and heading in for a heart-stopping show.

The theater offers a wide variety of shows to please just about anyone, and it makes for a creative first date aside from your typical restaurant and movie date.

3. Westport Town Farm, Westport, M.A.
Spotlight: Nature Lover

Lace up your sneakers and pack your hiking bag as you get your nature on at the Westport Town Farm. The farm is a perfect place to have a picnic. From the picturesque views, to the old stone walls, this is the best place to take a walk and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Many of the landmarks such as the barn and corn crib date back to colonial times, making this a legendary spot for history buffs too.

4. Buttonwood Park Zoo
Spotlight: Animal Lover

If you are an animal lover like me than take a trip to our local zoo. It will be a great way to break away from campus for a couple hours.

Buttonwood Park Zoo offers a wide variety of animals and the low cost tickets are college friendly. Walking around the zoo and looking at all the animals is something that never gets old and is a childhood favorite for many.

5.  Water Fires Providence, R.I.
Spotlight: Night Out
Free to Attend
Vendors $-$$

There is nothing like a long summer night spent along the riverside of Providence taking in the night life and beauty of the legendary Water Fire.

The vendors, food, music, and gondolas create the picture-perfect night that anyone can enjoy. The best part is the water fire is free of charge for everyone. But I encourage you to bring some extra cash to enjoy all the various vendors that make up the magic of the night.

If the vendors don’t entice you, there are several eateries in the perimeter. I must say Hemenway’s ($$-$$$) is my all-time favorite and I would rate it 5 stars. The seafood and raw bar has the freshest seafood that will make you wanting to come back for more.

Shellfish Tower anyone?

6. Launch RI. Warwick, R.I.
Spotlight: Trampoline Park

If you have always loved jumping around and need to get some energy out, Launch RI is the place to be.

It features an array of trampolines and the best part is, it’s entirely indoors – you’ll never have to worry about the weather! This also totals as a great workout; it works every part of your body.

Who said you can’t work out and have fun at the same time? They even have a promotion going on that if you bring your college ID you will receive $4.00 off your first hour’s jump.

7. Newport Creamery Somerset, Fall River, M.A.
Spotlight: Awful Competition

Come test your limits with a tasty creamy treat. I love treating myself to frosty delights. However, at this location, there is this challenge: If you eat three 24oz famous milkshakes in one sitting, you will receive a fourth milkshake free.

8. Carabiners New Bedford, M.A.
Spotlight: For the adventurous

Are you looking for a little bit of adventure and want to break that fear of heights? Take a ride down to Carabiners; they feature endless options of heights and levels for any type of rock climber. They are always welcoming newbies.

I remember my first time being both excited and nervous at the same time, but as soon as I was launched and climbing that wall I could not wait to see how far I could get.

My biggest tip would be to not look down! You are fine, you are attached to a harness, you are not going anywhere fast. This is a great night out with friends as you challenge each other to the top.

9.  Battleship Cove, Fall River, M.A.
Spotlight: Carousel and Board Walk

Bringing back an all-time childhood favorite, the carousel at Battleship Cove is somewhere you have to visit.

Take the time to spin around the beautiful architectured horses, which will leave you wanting to ride it again and again.

I love this carousel and have so many memories of going there with my family. This spot is essential.

Don’t forget to take a stroll out on their board walk and take in the beauty of the area. A great spot for family, friends, children, and couples.

10. HOPE Yoga Studio, Dartmouth, M.A.
Spotlight:  Meditation

Relax and unwind with this local amenity that is located just seconds from campus.

When times get busy, it’s good to unwind with some stretches and poses, the art of yoga.

The HOPE Yoga Studio experience is one I can assure you will not want to miss as you can also get in a great workout.

Happy touring!

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