Blood in Berkeley, California

By Jonathan Moniz, Staff Writer

Over the past set of weeks there have been multiple riots, confrontations, and debates as America goes through a change, and as with all change, it has been marked by conflict.

In the town of Berkeley, California, there was a riot as a parade of the alt-right movement, with Nazis, euro-sceptics, and various nationalists mixed in amongst the crowd. They had come to the town, most prominent for it’s university, in order to protect free speech.

The University of Berkeley had gained attention and headlines by closing speeches after student rejection from the populace.

What started out as a parade quickly devolved into violence as anti-fascists, who are also known  as antifa, arrived and quickly began to brawl.

Violence broke out. Some crude weapons were brought out, from whatever people could scrounge at hand.

I’m going to talk about what is at the core of this issue, and that is people.

America is divided, and while some might have you believe, be that the Black Lives Matter movement or Donald J. Trump, that

America is more divided than ever, that is not the case.

Some individuals  benefit from the division of our country.  Capitalists, corporations, and racists come to mind.

There are some groups as well that want us to remain divided. And white euro-sceptic groups like the alt-right, the neo-nazis, the Liberators and the 3P militia are not there for our protection or the enrichment of our wealth.

They are here to make America white again. It doesn’t just stop there, though.

This kind of movement spreads amongst the generations and levels, continuing up to the highest seats of our government with people like Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon.

Let’s make this clear, then, that these people don’t care about anyone.

When Nazis are preaching in the streets again, take notice.

This isn’t a time to talk about free-speech or nicer times or friendly, open dialogue.

These are people whose direct actions caused violence, and not just violence, genocide.
Despite whatever Spicer, our confused press secretary, may say, they have done horrible things,including the use of chemicals.

Fake news tried to spin the event, though, and said that it was all a sham, a hoax perpetrated by George Soros, the Clintons or Obama.

But no, it wasn’t any of that, any more than Trump’s rallies were a sham. It was a cry of the disenchanted and the forgotten.

But news and propaganda spun into making the anti-fa look like terrorists and the good old Nazis look like the proud defenders of America.

I could have gagged on the hypocrisy.

The same woman who got punched by someone twice her size received numerous criticisms and death threats on social media for being at a rally, and for acting like a man.

The world is a dangerous place, and we won’t always be afforded the luxury of closing our eyes and sticking our head in the sand like ostriches.

Maybe, we can for the meantime, but at some point we will have to act, we will have to be the change we wish to see in the world.

I just wonder if there is a change people wish to see, or if people out there really are apathetic to things like this happening in the world.

Photo Courtesy: Newsweek


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