Are campus tours really helpful?

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By Michaella Lesieur, Staff Writer

When looking to the day I first transferred from Bristol Community College to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, I think back to orientation day, and how helpful campus tours really are in transitioning students.

…Whether you’re from high school or other colleges and universities, it makes you feel welcomed and a part of the school and community.

All incoming students should carve out some time to take a campus tour in order to get a real grasp of the school, where things are, what services are available, walk through their major’s buildings, see all the popular studying spots, where they can work out and grab a bite to eat, while networking with their peers.

Campus tours help ease students first day jitters. Many students fall into the trap of stressing about the little things such as, how will I ever be able to find my classes, where do I go if I need help in this class and I have no idea where to find my advisor.    Campus tours help to alleviate these stressors and have you mapping your routes in no time.

A bonus is that most of the time is you can see classes in action and experience student’s day to day life on the college.

The tours also stand as an aid for students trying to figure out which schools they are interested in attending.      UMass Dartmouth uses the tours to educate students on the school, and will state everything there is to know, on why our school is the best school and in turn, why you should consider choosing ours.

Colleges and universities from all over utilize this tool as a way of promoting their schools, which leads to a very competitive process on stressing why students should attend one school and not the other.

I learned quite a bit of information when touring the school with my mom, I learned what majors were available, about the campus center, where the tutoring centers were, the school store, Access and Success, the STAR Center, Commonwealth Honors Program, the gym, where students could dine, and the many levels of the library, where I could study.

Campus-wide tours allows you to learn collaboratively and engage with students who are experiencing the school for the first time.

It proves to show that you are in this together and are not alone. Who knows the people you meet on the tours might become your lifelong friends.

I would not be the student I am today if it was not for first touring the school, it allowed me to utilize almost every aspect of the campus to contribute in the overall success of my academics this far.

The best part is students from 8th grade and on can begin to explore UMass Dartmouth’s campus, to get them thinking about what school they would like to go to.    The tours typically run for 75 minutes, which gives you just enough of time to explore the prime spots on campus and are accompanied by an admissions information session.

If you are an incoming student and would like to tour, the sign-up process is easy. It only takes two seconds of your time. All you have to do is contact admissions, which is located in the Welcome Center.

I feel if more students took part in UMass Dartmouth’s campus tours, they would gain more access to the school, allowing them to cultivate experiences and enrich their overall college career. I recommend students looking to attend our campus to take early action.

If you are interested in the school take a campus tour right away, and book your spot to see all the beauty that the school has to offer.

Photo courtesy: Massachusetts Department of Higher Education

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