Butter up for your new favorite pastime: Lights, Camera, Podcast

By Dylan Botelho, Staff Writer

The (probably) number one unaffiliated movie podcast is hosted by the “big time movie boys,” former Good Morning America twitter-guy, Jeff D Lowe, Twitter-legend Trill Ballins, and resident idiot and Henry Cavill lover KenJac.

In between talking about terribly bad movies like The Emoji Movie, the podcast really does a great job in breaking down film while also not being super condescending. They’re just three common guys who enjoy talking about movies.

The podcast has a system of rating movie trailers and announcements by stating whether or not they are “buttering.” Buttering means they’re excited for a film to release through announcements, trailers, or any leaks. Once a movie is released however, the big time movie boys will each give a rating out of 100 for the movie. If each of the three hosts rate the movie at least a 69/100… it’s officially buttered by Lights, Camera, Podcast.

The podcast is even super interactive with listeners. There are multiple polls posted every week that listeners can vote on that the big time movie boys with discuss on the following weeks episode. This week’s poll included picking your ultimate hero team from Marvel, DC, space movies, action movies, magic movies, and “other.” Former polls included even more ridiculous topics like actors you would cast for roles in the “Adam Sandler Cinematic Universe.”

The big event coming up in the next few weeks will be the podcast’s first annual “Goscars.” A mash-up of the Oscars and the podcast’s obsession with the man who is always “lookin’ like a snack, Ryan Gosling.” From a link provided on all of Lights, Camera, Podcast’s social media accounts, listeners can vote for over 20 categories. The categories include those featured in the actual Oscars like Best Picture and Best Screenplay but then also feature categories like Best Actor in a Roll They Didn’t Have but You Thought They Would and the “Lookin’ Like A Snack” Role of the Year (which Ryan Gosling better win).

Lights, Camera, Podcast doesn’t just simply transition from segment to segment either. In between segment’s they take “commercial breaks” where they’ll feature advertisements or new trailers for upcoming movies. One of the podcast’s most famous advertisers is “Steve Stevenson’s Classic Cinema” where Trill sings fantastic songs to promote a local classic cinema that is rotting and infested with rats, but is designed as an older classic cinema. Jeff also often does his Jay Leno impression as well, presenting movie news as if it’s during the opening of The Tonight Show, constantly repeating “Hey did you hear about this? Did you see this? Did you read this?” and then following it up with some kind of corny pun.

You know a podcast is excellent when it’s impossible to talk about it without including any of the multiple inside jokes. That’s exactly how Lights, Camera, Podcast is. I could go on and on about every single last inside joke that I find super hilarious but nobody will understand it until they listen! So download Lights, Camera, Podcast on your Apple Podcasts app or Spotify and start running through the episodes. Don’t worry, there aren’t too many. The podcast just started up towards the end of last year, so there’s still time to be an original Lights, Camera, Podcast fan before the number one unaffiliated movie podcast becomes the number one AFFILIATED movie podcast.

Photo Courtesy: @Lightscamerapod Twitter

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