Club spotlight: Dartmouth Theatre Company and 20 Cent Theatre Company

By Alex Kerravala, Staff Writer

If you’re one of the select few that hasn’t seen any of the productions put on by either of UMass Dartmouth’s theatre companies, you are surely missing out! That’s right, UMass Dartmouth has not one but two theatre companies on campus, and both are excellent in their own regard.

Ranging from the annual production of Rocky Horror every Halloween to traditional Broadway, the men and women of UMass Dartmouth’s two theatre companies are always hard at work on each and every performance held at this school.

Tco, or UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company for long, is your typical theatre company.  Their leadership includes President Fatima Fraga-Alvarez, Vice President Cheyanne Patterson, Treasurer Meghan Lynch, and Secretary Brooke Aubin.

They were responsible for putting on Into The Woods last year, and more recently the tenth annual Broadway: In Review. This semester, Tco is happy to present Rock of Ages! Tco is pretty simple, self explanatory; what you see is what you get. Moderate budget, excellent actors, the whole Broadway experience right on your doorstep.

This semester Tco will be putting on Rock of Ages, an exciting jukebox musical featuring all your favorite 80s rock anthems, and is directed by Emma Givney, assistant directed by Alyssa Steen. The cast is hard at work and the show will be April 12-15.

If you wish to get involved with Tco, they have a Facebook page simply called UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company, and any club updates can be found there. Along with that, the club is also holding elections on  March 8.

20 Cent Theatre Company, on the other hand, manages to “zig” where Tco would “zag” and always in the right ways. Their leadership includes club President Spencer Uguccioni, Vice President Jonny Perreira, Treasurer. Cheyenne Patterson, and Secretary Sawyer Pollitt.

Last semester 20 Cent was responsible for performing the cult classic musical Heathers, as well as their yearly tradition of performing the campus wide hit Rocky Horror.

This semester 20 Cent is excited to put on a queer interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, simply called Romeo and Julius. This interesting performance will star James Stergois as Romeo and Eric Sousa as Julius, directed by Gabriella Barthe and assistant directed by Sawyer Pollitt. The show will be going up the week after TCo’s Rock of Ages, on April 26-29. On top of this 20 Cent has several other shows in the works.

Similar to TCo there is no future meeting set in stone as of now, but if you would like to get in touch you can contact Sawyer Pollitt at

The two companies will  be working in conjunction for their eleventh annual variety show, a talent show open to one-and all. Unfortunately a date for that has not been set in stone yet.

Whether it be a musical, a straight play, a concert, or even an interpretive dance, these two companies can put on a poor performance, and every show manages to be wonderful in every sense of the word.


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