Instagramers of UMass Dartmouth fills an under-served niche on campus

By Sawyer Pollitt, Staff Writer

Here at UMass Dartmouth it often seems like everyone thinks they’re a photographer. From your friend who takes artsy photos of the campanile at dusk all the way to the actual photography majors in CVPA who put in hours at the Star Store. However, those who are serious when it comes to photography on campus, whether they be amateurs or professionals, have been featured on the Instagram page @igersumd.

Instagrammers of UMass Dartmouth is an Instagram page where photos taken by people who are current students or graduates of UMass Dartmouth can be featured. To have work featured on the page, one has to tag igersumd and write #igersumd on an uploaded photo and wait.

The owner of the page had this to say about how they select which photos are featured: “…[T]he photos that are featured are photos that seem to have effort put into making the photo rather than just taking it.” This commitment to quality assures that the photographers featured are people who really care about their work and show artistic ability and promise. From this response it is also clear that the owners of the page themselves have an eye for what makes a good photo.

The page itself is run by the former Vice-President of the photo club as well as a former member of the club. The owners of the page said that they drew inspiration from many other Instagram pages that feature the works of photographers, the most notable of these being igersboston. The page was created as a response to the old UMass Dartmouth photography club no longer existing on campus.

This page fills a niche that caters to the photo community on campus that needs an outlet for their art. It allows aspiring photographers to show off their skills and display their work in a somewhat professional setting. They can not only increase their own exposure but can showcase the amazing art being done at UMass Dartmouth.

One of the photographers featured on Instagrammers of UMass Dartmouth is Dennis Fox, a sophomore graphic design major who also possesses a love for photography.

“I have done photography since freshman year of high school and it was just something for me to do that I quickly learned to love,” explained Dennis. 

He went on to say that being featured on the page became a goal after hearing that his friends Liberty Heyes and Daniel Matute had both been featured. This goal however wasn’t merely to compete against friends as Dennis continued to explain.

“I feel recognition of my work on a more public social media platform is good to help build yourself and your artwork.” Dennis touches on a good point that this page can be a launching point for having your work put onto a public stage.

Whether you are a photographer yourself and are looking to get featured or are just an art lover who is interested in what’s happening on campus within the growing community of photographers, igersumd is a great place to start. However, if you want more photography in your life and this page just can’t scratch the itch you might not be completely out of luck. When asked about the existence of a photography club on campus, the owners of igersumd had this to say, “No true student organization exists on the page…yet.” Keep an eye on igersumd in the future for more quality content from your friends and peers at UMass Dartmouth.

Photo Courtesy: TIE

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