Let Melania speak

By Michaela Gates, Staff Writer

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, controversy arose as Melania Trump criticized American politicians for not doing enough to pass legislation on gun control. She also backed activists that were pushing for said legislation.

Many have called out Mrs. Trump due to the fact that President Trump and the GOP have actively resisted gun control measures for decades. Those calling her out need to grow up. It’s petty and flat out disgusting. Many that have harassed the First Lady over her comments are the very same trying to push gun control legislation.

It seems a bit counterproductive to criticize a woman of power, who happens to be pushing your agenda. Not to mention, have these same people ignored the fact that Donald Trump has recently shown some signs of brain power and decided to ban bump stocks?

Despite that though, others have also claimed that she has no right to speak due to her husband’s political view. Can you say sexist? Since when is it a thing in 2018 that a woman cannot have a meaningful opinion that differs from their husbands? In case you were wondering, it isn’t a thing.

A person can hate Donald Trump all they want, however their hate for Trump does not give them the right to tell Melania Trump that her words do not matter.

In fact, these Trump haters should be supporting her and her words.

She is standing up to her husband as well as all of the GOP and showing the world that women everywhere can make a difference.

Not long after her words were made public, Donald Trump went  against the wishes of the Republican Party and saying he was open to gun reform.

I am not saying that the words of Melania are the only reason that Trump took this stance, as activists have been working hard since Parkland, however I find it hard to believe her words did not help.

She may have married an airhead, but I truly believe that the First Lady is a bright and tough woman who can make change. She does not let Donald’s politics shape her own and whether people want to admit it or not she is a symbol for modern  feminism.

I highly doubt that Donald was thrilled to hear her comments, they went directly against the wishes of the Republican Party. But, she said them, she stood up to her own husband, the President, and essentially said you and your peers are not doing enough.

It was extremely brave of her and rather than trying to find ways to spin this story in a negative light I think we all need to take a deep look into the ramifications our actions.

We are taking away a woman’s voice for no other reason than the fact that many people seem to have a problem with her husband. It is so disheartening that in a time with things like the “Me Too” movement so many people have trouble distinguishing the ideals of a husband from those of his wife.

Just as I thought as a woman, I could truly find a voice in this country, I learn that my voice is only valid if I am married to a likeminded-male Democrat. If you think my analysis is harsh, then you are apart of the problem. This woman is being told she cannot advocate for gun regulations because her husband doesn’t agree with her opinion.

That is down right wrong and disgusting and I hope than Melania continues to speak her mind as she did these past weeks.

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