The smartest state proves it deserves that title in elections

By Staff Writer Benjamin Pfeffer.

On Tuesday November 6, America held its midterm elections.
This was a very important election and had an impressive number of voters compared to the last midterm elections.

Voters of the midterm elections helped to set quite a few records from the youngest ever woman elected to Congress, elected by a New York district, to the first openly homosexual governor being elected in Colorado.

A few days after the voting, the Senate has a majority of their members from the GOP, 51, while having only 46 liberal senators.
The House has been overrun by a majority of Democrats, 225 seats, compared the GOP’s 197.

Both Democrats and Republicans are not satisfied with the results of the elections when it comes to congress.

The Democratic party, thinking they will overtake both the House and the Senate, have failed to take over the Senate and have only taken control of the House.
The Republican party is upset that they lost the house, even though they kept control of the senate.

However, neither party has been blown out, so both can live with it, for now.
Locally, in Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat, has been reelected to the Senate.
Warren has won with a 60 percent majority over Geoff Diehl.
For governor, Charlie Baker, a Republican, has won the race for governor with a 67 percent majority over Jay Gonzalez.

Massachusetts voted the right way on these two positions.
Elizabeth Warren will do much better than her opponent in the senate, and we need as many Democratic candidates in the senate as possible.

Charlie Baker, although he is republican, is the right choice for the very liberal state. As a governor, he has done good things for the Massachusetts economy during the last three and a half years he has been in the position.

The ballot questions have all been voted on in the best way they could have.
The first ballot question was whether or not there should be a patient limit for nurses.
This question got very wisely voted against. If it had passed it would have caused chaos for hospitals and prevented the hospitals’ autonomy.

Obviously, this question did have benefits to a yes vote.
For example, nurses could give patients more focus, but Massachusetts voted in the right way for this one.

The second ballot question was whether or not there should be a limit on how much corporations should be allowed to fund political campaigns.
This question got a yes vote, rightfully.

If corporations have all the power to fund whoever they want, the people will not be able to fund as much, and it would give a massive advantage to pro-corporation candidates.
This was another question wisely voted for by Massachusetts voters.

The third and final ballot question was whether or not to allow transgender individuals to have all the rights they currently have or to revoke their rights.
Why was this even a question in Massachusetts?

Obviously, Massachusetts is not going to revoke rights of transgender individuals.
Thankfully Massachusetts voters have done what everyone thought on this question and voted yes, which was to keep transgender individuals’ rights.
Overall, Massachusetts voted exactly how it should have.
It voted for the correct senator to battle against Trump, it voted for the correct governor to continue to do a good job, and the ballot questions were all voted on for the best interest of the state.
The hospitals will continue to run as they have been, the power of corporations influencing politics by funding political campaigns has been reduced, and all of the transgender individuals in Massachusetts still have all of their rights.


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