You can’t spell Dartmouth without “art”

Located on our school’s website, there is a tab titled “Year in Review.”

The page explores all the noteworthy accomplishments The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has seen throughout 2018.

Don’t worry though, it’s not similar to those dumb Snapchat stories we saw on New Year’s Eve; this has substance.

After reviewing the link, I came to one conclusion. We’re too nice in the subjects of engineering, science, and law.

Nearly every achievement somehow related to a major that lives in those fields. Not to mention, the school has just added 5 new majors, 4 of which belong to the Arts and Sciences program.

However, while I was reading, I began to wonder why there was little acknowledgment to our creative arts program.

I thought more about the article and realized it unintentionally shed light on a sad truth. Our friends that work out of the CVPA building need more attention.

When the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is brought up in conversation, you’ll very rarely hear anything about the creative arts programs. It’s always something about our engineering or science programs.

Over the last year or two, budgets to the art department have been cut and staffers have been pinched out, including several teachers and classes that art students really valued.

It’s sad to see, especially since upon first glance at the college, the CVPA seems like one of the cultural hearts of campus.

I mean, the school even just got approval for a $133.9 million renovation and $54.4 million is going to the science and engineering building.

The rest is being put towards building a 267,500 square foot waste of parking. Which also happens to be located right next to CVPA.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for adding improvements to SENG. Being a mechanical engineering major, I practically live there. All I’m saying is maybe we can throw the art kids a bone.

Now, maybe you’ve heard or maybe you’ve been living under a rock, but there are multiple art galleries run by the university; one being located in New Bedford, MA.

If you happen to find yourself with downtime I’d suggest paying a visit. There is a website where you can check to see what exhibitions are currently on display; right now, you can experience the Black Spaces Matter: Celebrating Abolition Row. The exhibition contains virtual reality tours, 3D models and other displays about abolitionists who resided in New Bedford. This will only be available until January 30, 2019 so get there soon.

In addition to the New Bedford location, there is an art gallery here on campus. It is located on the first floor of CVPA. This is where our fellow classmates are showcasing the work they have created. There’s also no real excuse to not visit because it’s completely free of charge. So… why not go? For more information you can check the Center for Visual and Performing Arts website.

I personally believe we should all be supporting the arts, especially projects made by other students on our own campus. The subject isn’t overshadowed by other majors, but it definitely doesn’t receive enough attention.

We have some really impressive work coming out of the CVPA and I’d argue it calls for a larger platform to be presented.


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