Unsung restaurant heroes

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn.

It’s typical for students to venture off campus and search for food that differs from the entrees offered on campus, whether it’s for lunch with a group of friends on the weekends, or dinner after a long day of classes.

UMass Dartmouth students are often seen at dining locations that aren’t too far from the school, such as Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Taco Bell, and Buffalo Wild Wings, popular attractions for the younger generation, offering reasonable or cheap prices.

Not Your Average Joe’s is often overlooked by college students. Perhaps this is because of the location, as it is not clustered with the other chain restaurants and only a five minute drive from campus. This welcoming family and friend oriented restaurant is only 9 minutes away from our campus and is worth the drive.

All of the dishes are prepared from scratch in the kitchen and are brought to their customers from every part of the globe, but with their local twist, as they state on the menu. The menu can be accessed online and can be viewed in three simple steps: select your state, location, and pick from either lunch, dinner, happy hour, party, gluten free, drinks, or dessert. There is a wide variety of original and classic entrees to choose from.

For lunch, customers can choose from a list of starters, including cheesesteak egg rolls served with spicy Chinese mustard and Ahi Tuna Wontons served with your choice of chilled cucumbers or Japanese chili-spice. You can always order appetizers as a meal, such as the buffalo chicken tenders, that come with enough to fill you up, also served with pineapple-jalapeno salsa, and bleu-cheese dressing, or choose the butternut squash flatbread that also has the option to be prepared vegetarian style. The appetizers list has many more unique offerings, but I’ll let you have a look for yourself!

Savory side salads are also available to be enjoyed with any meal, such as an entree containing beef or pork, pasta, seafood, chicken and veggie, grilled, sandwiches and burgers, soups, or specialty pizzas.

Their Stone Hearth Pizza is also not to be missed! The flour is imported from Italy, and is used in the dough which is baked from scratch, and topped off with scratch made tomatoes and all natural mozzarella cheese, which is then baked in a 700 degrees wood-fired stone oven.

You can always create your own pizza as well, which is always fun and gives the opportunity to be creative and unique.

Not Your Average Joe’s also mixes up unique style non-alcoholic drinks that can’t be found anywhere else. Try their cucumber mint spritzer, raspberry pop, pomegranate fizz, or mango mantra smoothie.

Check out the ingredients on the menu, get out of your comfort zone and try new creations, you may find your new favorite refreshing beverage!

The venue is comfortable and offers seating in booths or at the bar, so bring your friends for great, reasonably priced food and unforgettable memories.

The Dartmouth location also accepts Corsair Cash on a block plan, so there’s no reason not to pay a visit.

Mason Bar Grille is also underrated, located in Dartmouth as well, a bit of a drive, about 16 minutes from campus but can be a fun trip with friends for the weekend! It also stays open until 12am, great for those who get late night cravings.

Also, on Friday, March 22, the venue is having a neon blacklight party for those who are aged 18 and up, starting at 8pm. They often have events similar to this such as country night and karaoke with themes such as 70s, 80s, and 90s karaoke.

There are several 5 star reviews and recommendations from customers both locally and traveling just to visit this bar.
Students are bound to love their burgers, and cheap prices, go check it out!


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