Guess Who’s Back

Staff Writer: Maya Arruda Email: marruda7@umassdtorch

EDP445 (left) and Chet Goldstein (right) in the Predator Poacher video that exposed EDP’s predatory behavior

EDP445 has made his return to social media, despite every single person including your deity of choice not wanting him there. He was more of a niche YouTuber who did a mix of sports coverage, namely the Philadelphia Eagle football team, and more general vlogs reminiscent of a train wreck. Those who only watch mainstream sports media would recognize him as a commentator on the sports-oriented television program, Tosh.0. Most of his popularity came from his meme-like reactions with a majority of his old fanbase enjoying his reactions rather than his actual personality or quality content. 

The thing that got EDP445 canceled and eventually banned off YouTube was an incident regarding money-grubbing scumbags, a cameraman, and a cupcake. The key players were the man himself and a group called the Predator Poachers, who are essentially Walmart brand Chris Hansen. In addition to inappropriate sexual remarks involving minors on his YouTube channel, EDP445 ended up sending sexual content and other explicit imagry of his own fecal matter to what he believed was a minor; unfortunately for this excuse of human waste, this underaged girl he thought he was DMing was actually a catfish working for Predator Poachers. The catfish and the middle aged man arranged for an in-person meeting with the underage girl only to find a large bearded man and his cameraman. In the video Predator Poachers posted to their YouTube channel, EDP445 initially denied the accusations, claiming that he was out in a residential area to get a “cupcake” and not to meet an underage girl. After basic questioning, the man actually admits on camera that he knowingly contacted an underaged girl, sent sexual content to a minor, and found underaged girls sexually attrachive. A more in-depth collection and examination of this depraved degenerate of a man can be found here

Predator Poachers itself had problems, namely with their headman Chet Goldstein, who made racist comments and other problematic content, including pedophilic remarks, on his personal social media platforms. The group’s previous work also included some problematic and illegal methods in their questioning, including making fun of a man’s suicidal tendencies and threatening to beat a man up.

Now, in 2022, EDP445 has made his dreaded return to the internet without having received any legal punishment for his criminal actions even after an official police investigation had occurred despite confessing on camera to being a pedophile with legitimate evidence of him sending sexual messages to who he thought was a teenaged girl. Outside of the internet, EDP445 was seen trying to get jobs that would allow him access to children, like working as an Uber driver or at Chuck E’ Cheese. While this human pus bucket hasn’t made a return to YouTube, he has taken to platforms like Bigo and, of course, Tik Tok. For those interested in this comeback story from Hell, this video covers the gist of it in a way that’s digestible. 

Now, this isn’t the only YouTube predator left unpunished by the semipermeable fist of the law, not even the most well known. Most people are familiar with Onision a.k.a Onion Boy, who had sexual relations with underaged girls using underhanded emotional manipulation. Through the bumbling investigation of online “predator poachers” who misplaced vital evidence against Onision and his husband sending sexual content to a minor, Onision and his husband, Kai, have remained free in the wild. Coincidentally, Onision also tried to make a comeback on Tik Tok, though he has failed to return to his old popularity. 

Both these cases can prove American law enforcement and the U.S. justice system as being completely incapable of handling Internet star pedophiles. In both cases, even though there was a wealth of evidence and testimony within online communities and platforms, a conviction was not made through mishandling of the case by third-party groups, which may have compromised the validity of the evidence in a court of law. Even in face of this evidence, online platforms have allowed these predatory individuals to make a return without, though YouTube deleted and banned one individual while demonetizing the other. However, in both cases, there has been no real world consequences beyond the loss in income to punish severe and heinous crimes. Though, the failure of the justice system in apprehending those who commit sex crimes against minors may not be specific to just those who have status on the internet. There are instances with the handling of normal celebrities and sexual crimes involving minors that show a lack of competancy. In the case of rapper Daniel Hernandez, he was allowed to make a plea deal after raping an underaged girl and posting the video online in exchange for providing information on gang activity in the area. In the more recent case of actor cum musician Jared Drake Bell, the defendent pleaded guilty to lesser offenses relating to an allegation of sexual assault and grooming of a minor but was not charged with the heavier offence.


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