Guess Who’s Back

By: Maya Arruda Email: marruda7@umassdtorch EDP445 has made his return to social media, despite every single person including your deity of choice not wanting him there. He was more of a niche YouTuber who did a mix of sports coverage, namely the Philadelphia Eagle football team, and more general vlogs reminiscent of a train wreck. Those who only watch mainstream sports media would recognize him … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back

Cancel Culture  Ft. Shane Dawson

By Maya Arruda. Email: Shane Dawson: a major YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers at his peak, minor filmmaker of such cinematic greats as the movie “Not Cool” that won audience vote in Starz’ show “The Chair,” and self-acclaimed empath. He was a YouTube staple with his popular true crime videos and his more recent forays into documentaries.  He is also well known for … Continue reading Cancel Culture  Ft. Shane Dawson