Is Biden a touchy subject for Trump?

By Staff Writer Tighe Ratcliffe.

With the next round of presidential elections coming up, we’re bound to see any candidate be investigated for anything that would tarnish their reputation. I still find it hard to imagine that Trump managed to get into office with all the scandals he’s been a part of, but here we are.

Our president posts to his Twitter feed very often. I’d personally argue that he should be controlled and censored. A couple weeks ago, our previous Vice President, Joe Biden, came under scrutiny after several women came forward saying that they had been inappropriately touched by him.

Now I like Joe Biden a lot, he seems like a very friendly and approachable person, but that’s exactly what has gotten him into trouble. He’s the kind of person who likes to touch, hug, and shake hands with everyone he meets. He also has a very “hands on” approach with his politics.

But with all these allegations coming forward regarding women who say that they felt uncomfortable or were touched inappropriately by Biden, our current President decided to take a jab at Joe, probably hoping to snuff out the likely Democratic competition for a second term in Office.

Biden released an apology video saying how he would be more mindful in the future with his non-sexual hugs, pats, and kisses.

Trump shortly afterwards posted a modified version of Biden’s video with another Joe Biden inappropriately touching himself as he delivered his apology. But this was not a video he shared from YouTube.

Nope, it was one that the President posted directly to his Twitter feed, meaning he commissioned someone to make it. Our tax dollars are hard at work.

In my honest opinion, Trump is scared of Biden, so scared that he’d resort to making fun of him. This is not how the leader of the United States should act, and especially someone who is a well known sex-offender. Trump famously said “Grab them by the pu**y,” when talking about women. What Biden is being accused of pales in comparison with what Trump has done.

Before this video was posted, Biden was leading in the polls amongst Democratic voters, and he still is after all of this. And this isn’t a small lead, he’s got a significant lead over the other democratic candidates.

Frankly, most voters will probably forget about this whole issue when the time comes to take to the polls.

People like Biden because he not only was the Vice President for one of the most progressive presidents we’ve ever had, but he’s got that great personality. He genuinely cares about everyone he meets, and voters can sense that he wants to help them.

The same can’t be said for our current president, who cares more for his friends in the corporate world then the common man. No matter what persona Trump puts on, or what he says, his role of president has been for personal gain and the benefit of corporations and other wealthy people.

He’s also a racist, misogynist, and just an overall nasty person. His presidency has been riddled with scandals, shady deals, and so many of the people he’s given positions in his cabinet have been switched out repeatedly in the last few years.

Talks about impeaching him have been a constant topic throughout his presidency. I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t been impeached yet, although his VP Mike Pence isn’t much better either.

Trump is a bully, bottom line, and a spoiled bully to boot. But like all bullies he’s afraid to lose power over his victims, and right now Biden is looking like his main threat to his power. Again, that’s what I think this whole issue stems from. Trump is scared of Biden and he’s trying to destroy the competition before it becomes a bigger threat.

But I have the utmost confidence in Biden to roll with the punches and handle this bad PR with grace. Like I mentioned above, he’s still leading in the polls like he was doing long before this scandal arose.

I think he has real potential to be the Democratic candidate to run against Trump, besides Bernie Sanders of course.


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