Pro-life lawmaker loves life so much, wants the death penalty for those who seek abortions

By Staff Writer Ben Pfeffer. Some people really just shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions. Yet, a Texas lawmaker has proposed a bill that would impose the death penalty on women who have abortions and doctors who administer those abortions. Lawmaker…that means he was elected by the people. It is Texas, but that’s bad even for Texas. The lawmaker’s name is Tony Tinderholt, otherwise known (by me) as the abortion assassin. His law proposition is stating that abortion should count as homicide and, since homicide is punishable by death in Texas, abortion should result in the death penalty via the transitive property that is used in math. This bill, specifically House Bill 896, was introduced on the 17th of January, but for the second time after its failure in 2017. It survived for a few months until it was finally shut down by Republican House Member Jeff Leach, another, smarter, pro-life advocate, when he announced that the bill would not advance out of the committee. He said: “I have always been on the front-lines in the fight for sanctity of life, both personally – through my active involvement with pregnancy resource centers and pro-life ministries – and as an elected official, where I have authored and supported some of the nation’s strongest pro-life laws… My commitment to advancing the pro-life cause is stronger than ever and that’s why I cannot in good conscience support House Bill 896 – legislation that subjects women who undergo abortions too criminal liability and even the possibility of the death penalty. Trusted pro-life legislators and advocates agree with me that this bill moves our state and the pro-life cause in the wrong direction and it will not be advanced from the House Committee on judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence.” This eventually killed the bill, luckily. I do understand where Tinderholt was coming from, though. He argued that since, if you are driving under the influence and kill a pregnant woman then you get charged for two cases of manslaughter, so the fetus should count as a separate person in this case as well, which would mean homicide, which would result in the death penalty. I personally find this hilarious. The pro-life house rep from Texas is trying to cause the loss of even more lives. A pro-life man is trying to kill people. The irony in this case is crazy. What is the logic behind being pro-life yet encouraging more death? The lack of brain cells that people have continues to shock me more and more every day. There is a very simple alternative solution to the drunk driving problem…Change it. Instead, make it so that people don’t get charged with double manslaughter if the mother is planning an abortion, otherwise keep the double charge because it was going to be a life that they killed. What’s the issue with this? I don’t see any. But no, the lawmaker decided to go the exact opposite of “pro-life,” which he is doing this in support of, and kill everyone involved with the abortion. This is quite possibly the most stupid possible solution, even when looking at it from both pro-life and pro-choice perspectives. It is mind-blowing to me that this bill got 446 witnesses to register their approval for it ahead of the hearing. Most of those 446 represented faith groups or local Republican parties. However, 54 people, including business leaders, women’s rights activists and legal experts, spoke against this bill. Since this bill was tried for and failed two years ago, it is likely that Tinderholt will bring this bill back up again. We need to be prepared to shut down the abortion assassin so that his third time isn’t the charm.

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