Sunday Service with Kanye West  

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn

On Friday, September 27th, 2019,  Kanye West performed at his second concert in Detroit, and the best part was guests didn’t have to pay in order to attend. The 6,000 offered free tickets were available on ticketmaster and were gone within 18 minutes, proving his popularity. The concert was titled the “Detroit Sunday Service” and was held at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre, a scenic venue placed alongside the Detroit River.

Before the concert took place, fans had suspicion that West was going to drop his ninth studio album, Jesus Is King. Some had their doubts, due to his failure to release a previous album on the announced release date. Fans were starting to get anxious and were posting on social media platforms, addressing their disappointment when his new 2019 album, Jesus Is King wasn’t released on the expected date. The rumours were finally answered when West, accompanied by a choir, began singing songs from the new album during the concert, which later became referenced as a “listening party for the record” as stated by XXL Magazine.

Fans at the event were thrilled to be the first listeners of the newly released album, even boats were docking behind the stage to be a part of the show.

The performance didn’t start out with Jesus Is King, but actually kicked off with tributes to commonly known gospel songs, such as “Hallelujah, Salvation and Glory”, sung by West and 50 members of a gospel choir, wearing colorful, unique outfits, drawing the audience’s attention. Nearly every piece was performed with vocals, brass, drums, and organs, filling the theatre with percussion and trumpet notes, giving off church vibes, and  accompanied by West’s electronic elements. Audience members were inspired by those on stage, and began to dance with them, giving everyone in the area an opportunity to participate and get involved in this experience. West strayed from tradition and highlighted the importance of praising God by showing love for faith, and that will most likely never be forgotten by his fans.

Although most would say the gospel concert was a success, West’s album has mixed reviews. According to the National Review, “while some groups are praising him for reaching unchurched young people with his music, others argue that he doesn’t understand the gospel”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and everyone has various music tastes, but as far as the music industry goes, if West is happy with his performance, so be it.



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