We Don’t Have Enough Time!

By Staff Writer Maddie Kenn

In this perilous time of rapidly changing environments we need to figure out ways to help our planet stay healthy. Let’s brainstorm, what are some ways we can give back to the planet? Well, we can recycle, reduce green house gases, clean the pollution from the ocean, eat babies… Wait, what was that last one? Eat babies? You read that right!  

On October 3rd a speaker at a democratic town hall meeting preached this method as being the one true way stop climate change the quickest. At the time this was quite a shocking event to witness, hearing a woman start talking about an issue so impactful of today’s society, witnessing her take her jacket off to reveal her shirt that read “SAVE THE PLANET, EAT THE CHILDREN” and then finally hearing her say so. The unidentified woman had been heard saying, “We don’t have enough time! There’s too much CO2!” Her exclamations elicited evident shock from the other citizens present at the town hall, and even caused enough concern to wonder if this type of thinking would cause danger to our society. 

However, there is no need to fret. Information had been released that this incident was planned by a far-right pro-Trump conspiracist group with the intention of implicating all democrats to pursue methods of genocide to achieve their goals in climate change action, such as the Green Deal. By having this woman pretend to be a democrat herself, it had the possible affect of making some believe that climate change action is dangerous to our way of life, thus intending for United States citizens to shift their support in favor of the President. The conspiracy group’s plan was even helped when President Trump reacted to the situation himself, calling the democratic representative present, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a “Wack Job.” But Ocasio-Cortez didn’t say that we need to eat babies, her alleged constituent did, so what’s the deal with President Trump insulting her?  

Ocasio-Cortez has been criticized for how she handled this situation, by the President and right-wing news reporters alike, but the fact of the matter is this. When you are up answering questions in a town hall meeting and a frantic woman takes the microphone pleading with you that “there isn’t enough time” that “we need to eat the babies” of course one would be shocked, and it is apparent that Ocasio-Cortez was. She had even tweeted out that the woman seemed to her like she had been “suffering from a mental condition,” that may have altered her view of the world. This is why she had treated the woman in a gentler manner than most would. After Ocasio-Cortez tweets this out she gets a reply from Mark Dice, a verified right-wing twitter user, stating “all of your supporters suffer from a mental condition.” Additionally, Tucker Carlson of Fox News stated how Ocasio-Cortez’s actions were “pretty revealing.” Though hoax or not, his, Dice’s, and other conservative’s actions were even more revealing.  


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