Spicy lime you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind 

By Staff Writer Eric Sousa 

First impressions are important, and this is especially true of restaurants. It’s like a first date; there has to be a strong opener, but not TOO strong. There has to be conversation, but not TOO much conversation. There has to be crab Rangoon, and there’s no such thing as too much crab Rangoon. Spicy Lime, located in New Bedford, is definitely deserving of a second date after my first experience there.

This might be stupid, but I think the one little detail that made me fall in love with the restaurant is the fact that they serve water with lime. In my experience, water is always a lemon’s game. This place takes its name to a literal level by putting a small slice of lime in the water.

It’s aesthetically pleasing and subtly changes the flavor. If you aren’t a fan of lemons in your water, you’re wrong. Be an adult; the acidity brightens the tongue for the dish you’re about to eat. And trust me, this is a dish you’re going to want to enjoy to its maximum potential.

For starters, we got the pork gyoza and the (you guessed it) crab Rangoon. The pork gyoza was fairly decent. Did it change my life? No, but it was very solid. The crab Rangoon, however, hit the spot. The meal focused around aesthetics, but it came at the cost of amount. These small, compact bad-boys were delicious, but fitting eight squares of Rangoon in a rectangle plate made them disappear at a frightening speed.

While there were many options on the menu that caught my attention, there is one food item I consistently get when I go to a Thai place for the first time. It’s like the bacon omelet of a breakfast place, or the Fish n’ Chips at a New England restaurant. I’m talking about the classic, wonderful, and palate-exploding Pad Thai.

The pad thai, which directly translates into “peanut sauce insanity from the Gods themselves,” was light and enjoyable. The peanuts were not overpowering inside the dish, and the balance of the flavors were present and appreciated. It was savory and sweet, achieving a wonderful harmony. The flavor profile was a rock band and my tongue was a sold-out venue.

During our meal, the minimalist decoration and appeal of the place was enjoyable to appreciate. While they lacked flashiness and loud environments, it was a very peaceful and enjoyable place to grab a bite with people you enjoy talking to.

Overall, I would have to give the place a 7/10. The food was very tasty, the atmosphere was fairly relaxing, and the service was prompt and cordial. The only reason I dock points from the place is because, in my humble opinion, the price was a little bit higher than I was expecting based on the plate portions. The appetizers felt minimal and I left the restaurant without that satisfactory fullness of a meal well enjoyed.

That being said, the place would be perfect to bring a date for an enjoyable meal. My opinion is colored by the fact that I was with friends, and I don’t mind housing down portions that could feed a veritable army in front of them.

The restaurant is right in the downtown area, so getting there was fairly easy. There is plenty of parking directly on the street. If you ever find yourself in the area, Spicy Lime is definitely a spot to check out if you’re in the mood for good atmosphere and delectable pad thai.



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